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Great changes take place in people and their lives once they become Diamond Active within their hearts, brains, bodies and fields! Create happy relationships. With everyone. Let me say that again. And we are bringing them to you. I remember when I first moved up here, my mom called and asked me if they had strawberries up here.

I work down the street from an IHOP, yes we have strawberries. We have everything you have down there…. Out in the bush things are a bit different. Ditto for milk, eggs, and cheese. Alaska has a suprisingly large amount of arable land: you can even farm on permafrost with the right techniques. I seem to remember permafrost is ecologically important and stuff.

I mean, farming anywhere is environmentally damaging if you want to preserve the environment before the farm was there. I think the main concern with permafrost is that it is a massive carbon sink, and if it warms up something bad might happen source: something I read once and half remember.

As far as I understand it the permafrost farming technique follows a three step process: plow up a patch of permafrost, let the top layer thaw out over a couple of years, and then plow it up again while adding soil and fertilizer typically fish slurry. Of course permafrost is very deep: the question is, does farming on top of it cause the lower layers to thaw? If so, how deep does this thawing action go? On the other hand there is a TON of permafrost. Ayy, I should have known better before just guessing. I always forget how environmentally diverse the state is.

But the same can be said of all regulation and taxation, where in an economic sense it is necessarily inefficient, but it can still be a positive policy because it improves some other metric we care about equality, QOL of the poor. Inflation is driven by a mismatch between monetary policy and the economy to oversimplify, printing money more quickly than the real economy is growing. A UBI could plausibly shrink or slow the growth of the real economy: by enabling people to leave the labor force, by shifting spending from investment to consumption, or by the deadweight loss of the financing mechanisms.

But a national UBI would affect the whole country, so the Fed should be able compensate at least on average throughout the country. It seems more likely to me that prices are higher in Alaska simply because Alaska fairly remote and has a small, widely-scattered population. The former makes stuff more expensive to ship in from the rest of the country, and the latter makes local production more expensive less opportunity for specialization and economies of scale.

The APF is funded by all extraction taxes in Alaska. Not just oil.

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Lumbering and mining also pay into it. The lived in hand-built houses, farmed up and preserved 3 crops per season out of their garden during the amazing summer growing season, hunted and fished and trapped on a subsistence license.

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That license cost USD0. I understand the sentiment. It sounds more akin to the Homestead act than welfare. But for someone who is able to keep a planning horizon of over a year winter is always coming and has the spoons to keep to a daily physical work schedule without a boss on your ass, one can live a decently comfortable and apparently very satisfying life, with no corporate rat-race or idiotic cultural bullshit. If for those who want a UBI so that they can have the option of living a life of living pre-prepared food, living in a house that someone else build, enjoying a ration of cannibus and xanax, and while working hard on playing videogames, in some cool city full of cultural social opportunities, no.

They can starve. The question is, to what extent can the latter condition still be reasonably assured anywhere in the contemporary United States? Does literally nobody understand what causes downward pressure on prices? It would only raise the prices of things which are supply-constrained.

That means fixing those three things is a top priority, not that we should not attempt to increase general wealth. As for the article, it seems pretty bad. Background: A few months ago I taught a high-jumper who had been told by Harvard that he would be admitted if he scored a on the SAT. I have heard some explanations for why colleges alter their admissions policies in favor of athletes, but none have fully satisfied me.

I basically can see two ways that having a good athletic program can drive applications: people wanting to go to the school because they have heard of their teams, and people wanting to go to the school because they want to play for one of their teams. Meanwhile, if having a good high jumping team because you want to attract high jumpers seems like a losing proposition if you are paying money and reducing admissions standards to attract good high jumpers. While I might object to this argument on the grounds that it is dumb, in some sense this makes the most sense.

Emotionally, I can see how competing in a few high profile sports would snowball into competing in every sport, and elite schools certainly have money to burn. Indeed, I tacked on to this argument I have read that the present situation makes total sense because the grouping of schools we call the ivy league originates from athletic competition anyway.

Nonetheless, preferred admission for talented athletes extends far beyond wealthy elite universities, so I am surprised everyone would be investing in athletic teams if they are prestige projects. Hypothesis: High achievement in sport is a good but not infallible sign of who will be successful later in life. Elite colleges are basically trying to maximize their prestige, and they get prestige by having successful alumni. Running a 4-minute mile, say, is as good a sign of who will go on to be a big wheel as a perfect SAT score. To build on this, universities are also interested in maximizing their risk-adjusted long-term financial prospects.

Having a student population comprised of hard-working and competitive folks with diverse abilities and interests seems like a reasonable strategy to generate a pool of alumni that are wealthy in most future states of the world. A lot of medium to small schools are giving preferred admission to athletes too. I would be interested in any studies of the long term financial performance of athletes though. That could make sense as an explanation.

A high jump champion who gets the Harvard boost is probably going to do a lot better than your typical SAT earner. Actually, athletics apparently outstrips legacy for how many spots are reserved. Because being sufficiently good at jumping high in the air takes a lot of hard work and practice no matter how talented you are. Whereas the scores to get into Harvard are achievable with almost no effort for some small percentage of the population.

This kid was academically good, but not Harvard good. Then again, he did have to work crazy hard at high-jumping so maybe if he had more time he would perform better. Still, down from the mean of is a big adjustment. As for the being achievable with almost no effort, I think that is a very small percentage of the population. My data may be biased though since I work for a tutoring company. As such, they are highly motivated to find a few students to admit with very low test scores, to give this narrative some credibility.

If they expected this, then they are far off the mark because is a stretch score for him. More generally, I think elite universities deal with a lot of athletes who find the curriculum challenging, because I have heard of intensive programs to keep their grades up during their tenure.

Granted, a lot of this is simply because being an athlete takes up a massive amount of time. He put in over four years into his high jumping to get where he is; when Harvard wants a basketball player, they find someone who has already put years into being good at basketball. Remember, our institutions of high learning did not grow up de novo , unsullied by anything other than the purpose of academic pursuit.

Modern colleges and universities are rooted in the idea of an education in the liberal arts. Engaging in physical activity and sporting competition as part of the pursuit of education flows from this, I believe. If anything, it seems like it would be more valuable to make your nerds high jump to round out their education. The value is in training and competing, not necessarily winning medals for Harvard. It explains why sports and college go hand in hand. Once you have them hand in hand, wanting to win is just normal human ape behavior. Jumping up in the air over and over something that the prospective student already learned to do very well in high school will somehow intersect with or benefit his studies at Harvard?

What is the connection? The complete citizen was good at everything. That was the point. They were creating warrior-citizens who could out-think and outfight you. The influence of the 19th century movement Muscular Christianity , where a proponent of this was also a highly influential educational reformer and principal of a major public school , so the emphasis on school sports carried over to university, must also be taken into account and remember, Harvard started off as a divinity school.

From a Raffles story of , where the father makes the son stay on at school until he finally gets into the First Eleven the leading cricket team :. Stopped till he was twenty to get his colours. Governor made him. Keen breed. Oh, pretty, sir! Very pretty! I wonder how much having completed a term of military service counts for these days when applying to a place like Harvard. I would guess not much in itself, though service in a famous unit like the SEALs or bringing home a big shiny like a Silver Star might get some attention.

Perhaps shooting-war veteran status would rate.

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Having Olympians in your student body is always a big feather in the cap. That actually makes some sense. He told me about a classmate who had been accepted by Harvard, but decided not to go to college and just pursue an athletic career instead. He was apparently Olympic level and could be expected to compete for the US Olympics within four years. That being said, this particular student was not at that level.

He was just really good rather than really, really good. I once interviewed for a position at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. They had one very large room in one of their buildings entirely filled with Bruce Jenner memorabilia which they proudly showed off during the campus tour. So…basically they wrote a book that answers this question?

That sounds interesting. I may check it out. The sport that was the lowest among the mens team was a national title contender and only needed like 6 people a year; I believe lightweight crew was the highest. My assumption is that this was rich alumni-driven to a large extent, mediated through an athletic department that was interested in having top teams in whatever sports it could, not just the ones the alumni cared most about.

The alumni definitely cared, though. They cared a lot more about sports back when they were less meritocratic and were also not as good universities. I have always regarded the unprofitable sports as a kind of niche interest among certain interest groups at the university. Also, its important to note how much of it is just institutional inertia.

Like many things in Universities the current form is just a more institutionalized, professionalized, and expensive version of that. So in the 50s your whole athletic department probably had more sports and cost less in inflation adjusted dollars by a significant percentage. Now they have expensive legacy programs so they need to justify their existence, and the only way to do that is to win, and to win the high jump you probably are going to have to lower your standards. I went to a small liberal arts school that had recently qualified for DIII, and my junior year a former DI basketball player was admitted, allegedly with a full ride.

Send out the acceptance letters. I do get the impression from the articles that have been written about the current Harvard lawsuit that the really big departure from merit-based admissions is the legacy students. The whole suit is about discrimination against Asians. Is there a good source for the numbers here?

Like, how many affirmative action admissions?

How to Enjoy the Opulence of Prosperous Living | HuffPost Life

How many athletes? How many legacies? How many kids whose dad just endowed a new chair? On the other hand, despite my white maleness being supposed Doom for my future, I got accepted to every school I did apply to where the average was around my SAT score. The truth is, almost nobody actually sees long term harm from having to go to their fifth choice college, even if in truth, they had the scores to get into those four other colleges.

Your anecdote is irrelevant next to the data we can look at. Whites do ok in admissions. Being Asian has a significantly larger penalty. Students for Fair Admissions statistical evidence against Harvard is pretty damning, especially next to all the other evidence. That Harvard had to bury its own internal report years ago just makes the malfeasance even more obvious. The sudden amnesia a large chunk of their staff experienced on the witness stand was probably the best move they could make, but still pretty embarrassing. There are also some cumulative effects of affirmative action, which may be good or bad overall.

The same guy who might have majored in chemical enginering at NC State may end up in sociology at Harvard. You can imagine that having a bad effect on the world overall. On the other hand, the Ivies are basically the education system for the ruling class. One interesting aside: If admissions requirements are the same for everyone, then students at Stanford will notice that their black, hispanic, white, and Asian classmates are all about equal in ability.

But I agree with your point. If someone were to theorize about how, due to admissions preferences, scholarship athletes are generally dumber and less qualified than other students, all respectable people would nod in obvious agreement. Try saying that about the black students and see how quickly you get run off campus by a violent mob. Such a narrative would be incredibly out of touch with reality, since there are plenty of poor white males with good but not great SAT scores who do perfectly well and make it into good colleges.

I just disregard all complaints about affirmative action as racism unless the person making the complaint is also complaining louder and longer about legacy admissions. Because those take up far more slots, and outweigh a far greater gap in academic achievement.

Its not close. In exactly the same way, I just disregard all complaints about gender discrimination against women as anti-male hatred unless the person making the complaint is also complaining louder and longer about men working more dangerous jobs. The best stats I could come up with for Harvard suggested about the same number of admitted students eligible for affirmative action and legacy.

Though there is surely some overlap. Do you have a link to some better numbers? And then the same for average Harvard admits and legacy Harvard admits? It seems to me that this would be much more problematic at the very top, elite institutions and would become exponentially less problematic the farther down you go, whereas, affirmative action would be equally problematic all along the way.

Consider a hypothetical policy wherein if anyone in your extended family was ever a student of a particular university, you are guaranteed admission. The practical result of this is, as soon as anyone in a particular family gets into Harvard, the rest of the family is guaranteed Harvard admission forever. But it never really goes down or goes away. Therefore, Harvard would have a ton of legacy admits relative to student body size, but Middle Tennessee State would have very few, and over time, this proportion would do nothing but continue to increase.

I certainly am not going to be a supporter of such a system! Do most colleges even do legacy admissions? I went to Business School at a very large but reasonably well respected state university with a kid who had the same last name as was on the basketball arena and we checked, it was not a coincidence. He seemed bright enough to me, but I have to imagine that there was no circumstance whatsoever in which the school was going to tell that family no…. And legacy applicants almost certainly average worse qualifications than the general pool of applicants because few mediocre applicants without a legacy advantage will even waste the postage.

Not zero, but.. Sure, this is not an equivalent problem at lesser schools, but it certainly is at this end of the scale. And it matters because these schools are where the future leadership of the US make their connections — and the US is not supposed to be a hereditary aristocracy. Which is a full time job. Does not really matter how bright they are going in, trying to keep up with a meaningful course load and be a high end basket-ball player at the same time just does not work — and since their continued attendance depends on their athletic performance, its the studies that suffer.

For american hand egg, you can add a large number of concussions per semester on top of that, which means they will leave dumber than they arrived due to out-right brain damage. Seriously, quit it with the barbarity. In living memory, the Ivy league schools put a lid on the number of Jewish students admitted per year. Basically, Jewish kids were taking up too many slots in the top schools by the unfair and biased tactic of being smarter and working harder than the other students[1]. Was there anything wrong with that policy?

Because to my mind, that policy was pretty horrible—it was deeply unjust in how it treated individual students. But your comment would apply nicely as an answer to any objection to that policy—indeed, the whole reasoning for the Jewish quota was about wanting to shape the student body in a more desirable way, rather than having it become heavily populated with second-generation Eastern European Jewish immigrants whose parents were shopkeepers in NYC.

But there are a fair number of Ivy Leaguers who oppose affirmative action. And AA applies to universities all the way down the line. Fully agreed. Legacies are a terrible system and American hand-egg should be paid for by the NFL instead of being a free minor league paid for by places that are supposedly school. Which is yet another reason why we should switch to a system of standardized entrance exams like many other civilized places in Europe or Asia have had now or in the past with explicitly adjusted passing bars or quotas for socioeconomic status if we want to engage in some sort of societal balancing.

EDIT: And to prevent rule by a hereditary aristocracy, we should probably ban people from running for political office if their parents, spouse, or siblings achieved political office. Some term limits would be nice too. To be really safe, maybe we should go further along the family tree and in time. There are those who assert and desire exactly that. For job applications and for housing rental as well. Which is random, and so is a lottery. We can prove, statistically, that higher SAT scores increase your chance to get admitted into Harvard but do not increase your chance to win Powerball.

So does being black. So does being good at football. BS-jobs theory aside, that would be a huge and glaring market inefficiency…. This is just a pro-slippery-slope argument in disguise. How does the test discriminate against black people and for Asians? What makes you so confident that barring any and all objectively measurable criteria from admissions standard will help disfavored minority groups? Or do you agree with me that in the sense of college admissions, blacks and hispanics are actually the favored groups, while whites and asians are the disfavored ones?

Actually, I had a Chinese student make an arguement for grade inflation that was kind of like this.

It would be extremely difficult to prevent parents from pressuring their children like hell to be able to win in the college application race no matter what adjustments you make, but anything that would structurally make it harder to pressure your kid like hell into grinding a lot of their life and wellbeing into a marginal advantage in the college admission competition might help a lot of teenagers lives.

Followup: any ideas on how this could be done? However, the obvious side effect of these sorts of schemes will be to reduce any signal of intelligence, persistence, or academic ability that is currently in grades. The more you narrow the distribution of grades, the less pressure from parents about grades but the less signal there is.

We can even have people of different socioeconomic or ethnic background draw out of different hats if we want to equalize groups or increase social mobility. That should have the side effect of also evening out racial imbalances in wealth without doing something weird like rewarding rich black people over poor Asian people. People who want to learn can then do it for the joy of things, and those who want certain jobs can get not terribly prestigious technical certifications.

Make school grades irrelevant and pushy parents will push their children to work hard at some other task that does help those children get ahead. I imagine I got some preference for being foreign for this reason. As for the rest, a lot of educational institutions really really care about sports, especially major sports.

So do a lot of people. I have no empathy for the desire to watch athletes compete, and identify with one group of them because of some extremely casual, non-personal connection. Went to the same school, grew up in the same country, hired by team currently based in the city where you live, etc. Maybe these people actually care about the performance of all Harvard teams. So why not colleges too? It might also be about donations — capitalizing on alumni with the sports-fan attribute. I was talking to an expert on malaria who has worked in Asian. This expert also told me that China has done a fantastic job at combating malaria in China.

An Indonesian official, maybe? Nearly all of Asia has apparently been doing a decent job combating malaria:. Tens of millions of cases per year in the 50s through 70s, but then nearly an order of magnitude improvement every decade thereafter? Different mores between rural and urban areas? Nobody gets fired because they made a remark in a public forum about how they hate 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. This does happen for the culture war. Also, politics involves real-world things such as elections and political policies.

This does happen for the culture war…. People getting hired and fired because of cultural and political affinities is nothing new Hell which Union you could become an apprentice of used to depend on what county in Ireland your grandparents came from , what church and school you went to, and which politicians sign was in your window have long effected what jobs you could get.

Research on transgender reaps the whirlwind. The only surprising thing is that some people are actually willing to research such matters. The increasing political polarization is real, though. Here is data from Pew. Things really are different than they were 20 years ago. I think the whole war thing is an overblown metaphor, but I have a bone to pick with a claim you keep making.

I grew up in California in the 90s, and the biggest change is that the current cultural zeitgeist is way different on gay and trans issues. Just go look at some polls on support for gay marriage. Polls for the country have shifted tens of points in the last two decades. Oh, there would be some minor differences; the newspaper probably had some stories about islands changing hands and such. Unless, of course, you would happen to live in a city in which Twitter had a major corporate office and in which the company and its employees contribute to the local economy such as San Fransisco, where Twitter has its company headquarters.

Ultimately, though what happens in congressional testimony can cause the fortunes of companies like Twitter to temporarily go up and down which is still on the order of billions of dollars of value, which is a lot of Renaissance Faires and SCA , the long term health of social media corporations and a lot of other cultural producers, such as companies that produce movies, books, and video games is going to depend on how well they read the market, and most of the culture war ends up as market signaling.

The left thinks the social media market wants a space free from harassment as they define it, often using terms derived from social justice. The right thinks the social media market wants a space where everyone is free to talk, with minimal rules applied evenly. Minor nitpick: the Japanese factory machinist would probably be perfectly aware of WWI, as it produced a massive boom in Japanese industry as Japan exported war materials to its allies, and a subsequent bust when that source of demand dried up.

There is significant overlap, but that is all.

OT109: Opulent Thread

This is an old, old divide, and it is not just an urban thing, but in some sense classist as well. Of course this is all too simple, but in other ways it captures a certain kind of short hand that we all employ.

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  8. Nor is almost anyone else. You probably knew one or two of these guys at some point. Basically the nerds me very much included , but a little more than that. I eat steak and arugula. I drive a pick up truck during the week and a Prius on the weekend. My boss has solar panels, drives an electric car, and collects guns and votes Republican. This is mostly a war of words on the internet. College campuses or even some HS interactions will see some of it in real life. Occasionally that spills over into something like a CEO saying something that gets them sent packing from their current company or a media type losing a job.

    Antifa vs. Especially if you are talking about California and trying to make sense of things, but also because all stereotypes are ill-fitting. My great-grandparents were from Austria, Ireland, Ireland, Kansas, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Poland but the town was part of Germany back then , but all of my grandparents were born in the U.

    In the s, it was considered highly realistic for a middle-aged man from Queens to be a dumb bigot who was pro-union All in the Family. So almost the entire working class are treated with contempt by the urbane, except legal and illegal Latino Americans and whatever stable black working class exists between the large underclass and highly-educated middle class. He was a bigot. The whole point of the show was to make him human and relatable, while not pulling any punches against the world view he espoused.

    This is also complicated by the existence of a West coast working class that combines Blue tribal emotions with the same economic conditions or worse, with student loan debt as archetypal protetarians in other parts of the US. Le Maistre Chat: I thought you were trying to say it was a weak man for the proles of the day, put up as a figure of mockery by the urbane, but perhaps I misinterpreted. I always thought of Archie as blinded rather than stupid. ETA: I do agree that as union power has waned, the previously central tie that binds working class industrial job white voters to the Democrats has waned.

    This is another way in which the electorate is becoming polarized in ways that it was not previously. I think that was what you were getting at. This has improved somewhat in recent years — a year or two ago, my mom brought a black friend and Vietnam vet to the local VFW. The bartender refused to serve him, like something out of an old timey movie. And honestly, nobody else in the place was giving her crap about it until my mom complained. The fact that the story ended with him getting a beer at all is the big news.

    MrApophenia: Yeah, this is not a surprising story to me. My Dad grew up working class in Chicago. My grandfather ran a gas station. My great grandfather sold vegetables from a market stand. Everyone came over from Sicily. It was just part of the fabric. My wife is from a mid-sized town in the South, Her dad was from a town that merited one whole stop sign. Agreeing that really open racial prejudice is still common in some social classes and places.

    What are Daily Affirmations?

    I worked construction for years in west Tennessee. I heard plenty of openly racial comments. On the other hand, there was very little racial hostility except in the context of political struggles that were perceived as zero-sum racial quarrels. And my sister still lives there. Working-class African-Americans are very much Red Tribe culturally, but a core part of the Democratic coalition. As I said up above, stereotypes are almost always somewhat ill-fitting.

    And it was never intended to be synonymous with Republican or Democrat. Blue Tribe come up. But imagine hosting a party for your co-workers. How well would that go over? Contrast that to showing The Superbowl with beer and steak? Among my co-workers; the Superbowl with beer and steak would be popular, as would the world cup, kale chips and a French named soda would probably be accepted, but Riverdance might get me punched, depending on who was onscreen in tights.

    I think a lot of it, in practice, is enemy-of-my-enemy. But I find myself rooting for the Reds anyway. Similarly, Scott is a polyamorous atheist transhumanist. Why is this? But having the right enemies helps. I know lots of Democrats who are very religious. I could see it as being justified if there was an actual existential threat to you and people like you. I expect the SSC participants are more comfortable doing so than most people.

    I will dryly observe that many of my more blueish acquaintances spent most of the last couple of years working very hard to convince one another and themselves that Trump represents an existential threat. I agree yours appears to be the standard everyone adheres to, given the effort they seem willing to undertake to game the measure. Paraphrase: No offense to you personally, followed by, your mentality is atrocious, followed by, reference to Stalinists and Nazis, followed by, you are not as bad as them, but you still side with evil and wrong people.

    Yes you have it right about the comments I was referring to. I was seriously suggesting that LadyJane may have insight. Her comment had the tone of what I imagine culture war to be, I could be wrong. It probably is mostly an online thing at this point, at least in terms of the visceral anger. I certainly understand watching with some glee when the red tribe gives the blue tribe a hard time about its disingenuous or ridiculous denigration of religious people.

    But enemy of my enemy is a dangerous game. If you were to take some stance based on your religion that was unpopular with the blue tribe, then maybe. But I think few Americans are actually in a situation where they have to suspend any concern for morals in favor of survival with whoever will defend them. Much better to work to change your preferred political party.

    People have to take a difficult stand and challenge the parties to accommodate them, not the other way around. There is no longterm safety in a party that is just as morally bankrupt but happens to be favoring people like you at the moment. There is little sincerity behind it. People have to start forming groups that make it clear that some people are religious and Democratic-leaning, or whatever. We need to demand better of the options available, and not keep going into this false and arbitrary dichotomy. It is not nearly as hard as it seems; look at history.

    This is not directed all at you, but it just brought these thoughts to the forefront. The culture wars are a thing, but the war mindset needs to stop. But we need to figure out a way to deal with others in a productive fashion and stop getting distracted by easy caricatures of each other and social media squabbles. Unfortunately, I think this is the opposite of true. Ideas rarely help people maintain cohesion for multiple decades in most places.

    The Republican Party of is pretty different from the Republican Party of today. Same for the Democratic party. But you can trace a clear line of tribal descent in both cases. Tribal cohesion can last a really, really long time.

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    In the extreme limit, you get a caste system. Tribal instincts are one of the strongest social forces among humans. Because the people at the top of a tribe rely upon tribal support for their power, they are in great danger if they betray the tribe. Making a stand for an idea or a sane policy with good material benefits is really dangerous if it betrays the tribe.

    Even for powerful people. Like Anwar Sadat or Mahatma Gandhi. Tribal politics is cohesive and relatively reliable. Idea based politics is more of an exception that occasionally maintains cohesion long enough to get an idea in place. Nor a battle, nor a fight. Hell, at this point, Dawkins-style New Atheism is more associated with libertarianism than mainstream Democrat-style center-left liberalism.

    At some point about a decade or so, I went from considering individual issues to picking a side — regretfully, because neither side really agrees with me, and I despise evidence-suppressing and evidence-ignoring true-believers regardless of what they believe. That fits, and has long been true. Yeah, pretty much. A huge portion of this is just that we are now face to face with each other and encouraged to waste our time getting appalled over things that are par for the course. The same thing happened prior to the Civil War, which is a bit unsettling.

    And newspapers were extraordinarily popular and partisan, so we could sit and talk about it all day long. BTW, is there any information out there on how frequently people who identify as transsexual before age 25 still identify as such after age 35? Instead of cast iron or lead, Mark chose stainless steel with integrated ball bearings, so the weights slide quietly and smoothly on their tracks; no clanking or banging allowed.

    Another touch includes a dazzling array of finishes available for the equipment. Any interior can be copied, from Mahogany to Italian marble. To accomplish the interior design, Mark relied on his artistic eye, the advise of top minds in architecture and interior design, and the specific needs of each client. Mark will typically begin with a client by getting blue prints of the area they wish to devote to their new gym.

    The next step is typically a personal visit by Mark himself. Mark laughs. To start, beefy sub-floor is installed under the proposed gym area. This will deaden the sounds from the equipment to the rest of the house, as well as support the heavy machinery better. Finishes are then chosen and fabrics and leathers selected.

    Personal measurements are taken to facilitate the construction of the specific pieces to be fabricated, as well as surrounding accessories and furniture. Would you like a half court for basketball, a sauna or Jacuzzi tub? Perhaps a pool or an indoor, motorized climbing wall suits you better. It follows that you will be more dedicated to doing work outs that you like, not feel enslaved to.