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In that 4 wk period I tried adding taurine for a week or two, but was having skipped beats so I tried stopping taurine and it seemed to reduce those. I started the L-carnitine and Co-Q a couple weeks after starting Mg and both seemed to help reduce ectopics a bit. My current status is that I have had 6 AF episodes in that last 3 weeks from 15 min to 1.

I stopped calcium-fortified OJ last week, and that seemed to reduce ectopics. I can say that even though I am having AF episodes, I have been having very few ectopics since drinking the K-water and stopping the calcium-fortified OJ. I am dealing with AF breakthroughs that occur with little warning usually during or just after eating, especially later in the evening.

FYI, I am eating 4 small meals a day rather than 3 larger meals. Light activity helps keep away AF, exertion brings it on. So I think I am in the adrenergic AF camp, for the most part. On Multaq full dose vs Tikosyn? On a round of Tikosyn vs going direct to ablation? Regards, Gary Reply Quote. Others may comment differently, but for me, the more interesting question is, Why did the supplements work so quickly for you? For me, it took a couple months of supplementation before I started to see results, and then several more months before I could say I was mostly free of ectopics.

Once they did, then I was sold. I only took a much simpler protocol, btw, because I didn't want to overly complicate things and because I tend to be a minimalist on interventions. I took Mg, K, and taurine. I also took some iodine supplementation on advise of a naturopath. Also, at first I took little K, then more after several months.

So, just a suggestion, but maybe you need to give it more time to see the full benefit of the supplements? Reply Quote. Thanks, Robert, I appreciate your perspective on this. It seemed odd to me as well that I would respond so fast, given that it is tissue concentration that likely matters most. However, the response was very real and I am very thankful for it! Before discovering this forum and Mg supplementation, I had been taking daily Airborne an over-the-counter immune booster as someone here had a cold I wanted to avoid. I noticed that if I was having ectopics when I took the Airborne, they would stop, and I would have no more for about 6 hrs.

Then I noticed a couple times during afib episodes, when I took the Airborne, the episode resolved within a half hr. This got me investigating its ingredients - Mg was one of them, and later reading on this forum made me think it would help me. So I started using the recommended Mg Dr Best. I started each supplement type one at a time to monitor effect.

I had not read about titrating up the Mg dose at the time oops , so the first day I took mg of Mg. This gave me diarrhea, so next day I only took about 60 mg. I had no AF on either day, after having hrs daily for the week prior to that mg dose. However, the third day I had a brief episode, so I started mg that day and had no more AF that day , then mg the next day, the next, then to for a few days, then to mg, which I have been on since that first week. For 4 weeks thereafter, I had no AF. So maybe the high early dosage is what I responded to, or maybe I was so deficient in Mg that just getting my serum level up was a big enough improvement.

I should mention that a day before I started the Mg, I had a gold tooth implant removed, as a long shot to see if it would help. I only had one day after this before starting Mg to determine effect of removal, and I had 1. But I started the Mg the next day, and all AF disappeared with that mg first dose. So I did not wait around to see how much the implant removal alone might help. I was pretty amazed at my response to Mg, but thankful. None of the other supplements were as noticeably effective, except recently with K.

So, the AF I am having in the last couple weeks occurs without the warning that I used to get from the ectopics. Edited 2 time s. Anonymous User. I really think it might work for you the way it did for the rest of us. PeggyM Reply Quote. I thought about that, but I thought the slow start was recommended to avoid bowel intolerance.

I can only imagine how scary it was.. God bless. I am so glad you shared your story. I am currently almost 5 months pregnant and went through a similar experience to yours recently twice. I started getting contractions and the pain was so unbearable. My doctor treated me for the possibility of a urine infection although my urine test was okay. She also suggested that the pain could be the stretching of the arms of the uterus but she was also concerned about how sharp my pains were.

After reading this post it finally makes sense to me now that I could have been possibly dehydrated all along. Since the pains, I have been making the extra effort to meet my daily minimum of 2 litres of water. How scary that must have been. I remember being in the hospital right after giving birth to my son and I had the worst gas pains they totally felt like contractions!

Thank you for sharing your story!


I am happy to hear you and your baby are fine. I also have an ex 30 weeker who is now 2. My advice is that if you ever feel that way again you go to the hospital. Being unable to work out this pregnancy due to several reasons makes me not as thirsty so I have to work on it for sure.

About an hour after I had woken up that morning, I started getting terrible cramps in my uterus area as well. I thought, just as you did, that it was probably gas or that I had to go to the bathroom. I started to get scared because the pains just kept getting worse. I of course hopped on Google and researched my symptoms. She told me to call the after hours line at my gyno. I ended up getting in touch with the on-call doctor who recommended I go to the ER after I described to her my pain. It was strange because as soon as I got into the car with my husband driving, the pain was GONE like nothing had even happened.

I wanted to make sure all was OK with the baby, so we still went to the ER. Ghost pains was what they called it! Nobody even mentioned that it could be from severe dehydration, but it makes total sense now because once I started drinking water, the pains went away. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Ali. Dehydration is super scary when your pregnant. Wishing you the best with the rest of your pregnancy!

I had a similar experience at 26 weeks pregnant and after 2 hours of the pain that I could only imagine was contractions I went to the hospital. It turned out it was dehydration and a kidney infection. Also, the pain I had that night was actually worse than contractions during labor! So keep drinking and do not ignore any possible signs of a uti funny the symptoms are the same pregnancy.

Glad you and baby are ok! Thanks for telling us your story!!! Glad it all worked out! Thank you so much for posting this! I am newly pregnant with my first and I have no clue what to expect. Thank you for being so open about your situation! That is so scary! After having a full term baby 1 week late , I delivered my second baby at 31 weeks. But she was totally fine, had a short stay in NICU and now 2.

Hope all is well and your pregnancy is a smooth one going forward! I was 5 months pregnant with my first baby and went into preterm labour. She was stillborn. Broke my heart into a million pieces…amniotic fluid was low…. I am so sorry for your loss, Nats. I hope you have a loving support group of family and friends to comfort you and help your broken heart heal.

I send you the hope of peace and joy returning to your life in some way. Thank you so much for sharing this! I try to make sure I drink close to 3 liters a day, but reading this will definitely make me watch my water intake even closer! However, with our 2nd we had a plan in place to call my sister-in-law no matter what time of the day or night and she would come and stay with our daughter if we needed to go to the hospital.

So this would be my suggestion. Good luck and keep drinking that water!!! Wow first off Ali so glad you and baby are ok! You are right crazy how many people have had this happen, yikes!! Thanks for the wake up to drink up!!!! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, love your posts!! Thanks so much again for sharing! I had a similar experience around 21 weeks. It was so scary! We were living in NYC at the time. We went to the hospital and decided to take the subway. I was crying the whole way and some super nice woman asked if she could pray for me. It was so sweet!

It was dehydration for me too and my baby girl was just fine. But I started drinking more water than I could ever imagine possible! I never had the issue again after that. Thank you for posting this, my niece is due in June and I will definitely pass this along to my sister in law. I have to make her drink!! So glad you and the baby are okay!

I went through the same exact thing in my second pregnancy and they released me from the hospital once they gave me fluids. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Glad you and baby are doing well. This is awesome that you are sharing your story. Thank you for sharing your story and for making us aware of it.

All the best to you! Thank you so much for talking about this. I am 30 weeks pregnant right now and get a lot more Braxton hicks with this pregnancy then with my first and my OB told me to drink more water. I thought I was drinking enough but hearing your story now I will be way more diligent and drink WAY more! My poor husband heard me fall and found me unresponsive on the floor.

Needless to say, he was petrified! It was so, so scary!! Hi Ali, my husband and I are looking to conceive later this year and I have to say that your honest feedback about your pregnancy is extremely helpful and a huge eye opener. I never would have ever thought that dehydration could do something that like to someone when pregnant.

I do my best to stay hydrated throughout the day and even bought a Hydro Flask last year to try and force me to drink more water at work. Thank you so much for your honesty! I love reading all your blogs! We have an audit going on at work so I was extremely busy this morning, but filling up my water bottle now and will be more cautious with staying hydrated no matter how busy I am.

I delivered at 26 weeks and, though she is a healthy 11 year old now, she fought hard to be here. You look absolutely stunning! Gas is the worst pain ever pregnant or not, when it hits me sometimes I become paralyzed and literally cannot move without crying from pain until it goes away. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and have been extra crampy lately if I do not drink enough water. I can completely tell the difference in the way my body and mind feel if I have nor has enough water for the day.

This is my first pregnancy so trying to do s whiting right. Dehydration is no fun but even more so when pregnant!! So glad you and baby are ok!! Same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago when I was also 26 weeks. After an IV and lots of fluids it stopped. It was particularly scary for me as I had triplets at just 24weeks. It brought back so much pain when I was in the hospital again terrified what may happen again.

So glad you and the baby are okay and thank you for bringing some awareness to the dehydration issue. As moms who have other children we thinj to take care of thek first, but qe have to take care of ourselves too especially when pregnant. What I will say is never hesitate to call your Dr in the middle of the night or go to the hospital. Always better safe than sorry. I am going to sign my niece up for your newsletter.

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I want her to read this. She is 30 years old and 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She has been so sick and not able to drink a lot without throwing up. She had bad pains the other night and was so scared. She is an ICU nurse and knows what dehydration can do but was very scared none the less. Her urine is also cloudy. So she is trying to drink more and is giving popsicles a try.

I had no idea this was a something that could happen during pregnancy. I just learned a ton from reading your post. Thank you and so glad everything is OK! That exact thing happened to me last night. I woke up and was in so much pain.

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I tried a few things and decided I needed a glass of water. I wish I would have watched your Instagram story before I went to bed and it would have saved me from stressing out. So glad your feeling better! I had no idea this was even a thing!! I appreciate the comments to make people like myself aware. I am 22 weeks with my 3rd child and clearly still learning new pregnancy tips and musts. Thank you and glad that you and baby girl are safe and healthy!!

Ali, I am so happy you and the baby are doing well!

That night I had the worst pain of my life, worse than labor and I had 18 hours of back labor with my son and worse than a gallbladder attack. The pain lasted for 36 hours. I was in the hospital being given fluids and pain meds and potassium in huge doses because I was so severely dehydrated that i had no potassium. It had caused all my muscles to seize and cramp up and then caused temporary paralysis and kidney failure, all from dehydration, so I have no doubt that the pain you were feeling was awful and terrifying!!!! God bless you!!! You are such a sweetheart!

So glad I came across your article. I am 25 weeks pregnant and know that I am not drinking enough water most days. This will give me the extra kick I needed to get it in gear with my water intake! Contractions caused by dehydration are so common among pregnant mommies. I see it all the time labor nurse here. One of the first things we do for our moms contracting is give them fluids. This happened to me but 6 weeks after giving birth. I was diagnosed with severe dehydration after spending 5 hours in the ER with unexplainable and very intense stomach pain.

After another episode almost a year later, with the most severe pain, almost worst than contractions, it turned out I had to have my gallbladder out. This happened to me at 32 weeks, not as scary but still scary. The pain was awful and I was vomiting from it. Dr sent me home on bed rest and told me to drink a lot of fluids. It took another almost 24 hours to stop having contractions. I am so glad you and your baby are OK, Ali. I second what Tracie stated. Please find a friend who can come stay with Molly at a few minutes notice, should you think a trip to the hospital is necessary.

That line in your blog practically made my heart stop! You need Kevin to be with you!

Understanding a Vasovagal Episode (Fainting Spell) and its Causes

You two are such a sweet team and have such a wonderful marriage. I had early contractions as well, starting around 24 weeks. My doctor always told me to make sure I was drinking enough water and to make sure I was taking breaks during the day, as I was a full time dayshift nurse at the time so I was constantly on my feet! Thankfully, he is a perfectly healthy 20 month old now, but it was so incredibly terrifying going into early labor.

I will be praying for a safe rest of your pregnancy! Best of luck! I had this happen to me at 27 weeks. I called the doctor right away, they had me come in, hooked me up to the monitor while a nurse sat next to it and confirmed it was indeed contractions. They gave me a huge container of water and told me I needed to drink it until it was gone.

They wanted it clear. Definitely scariest thing ever. I remember looking up the chances of survival of a baby born at 27 weeks. This happened to me as well! I actually got an ocular migraine and it was so scary. I am 14 weeks today, and thankful I read this! It is a good reminder to all of us to get more water. Glad to hear both you and baby are ok! So happy you and your baby are ok. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy, you are beautiful! So thankful you are sharing and getting awareness out, for yourself and others! Dehydration will cause contractions and also high blood pressure, which can freak you out in pregnancy also!

I just dealt with this a few weeks ago when I was having contractions and high bp this is my fourth baby, so it happens to all of us! I started a supplement basically a natural form of gatorade that actually helps, not just sugary drink and I have felt amazingly better!! I have regular bp, no contractions and have had so much more energy! Hope this helps!

We all can learn and grow…I know I can! So thankful all was ok with you and baby! Ali I am so sorry this happened to you but I am SO grateful that you shared your story! Honestly I am in tears reading everyones comments and seeing how much this blog post inspired others to stay hydrated. I know how scary that can be. I was having sever pain when I was 34 weeks pregnant, and I was so sure they were contractions. I actually ended up going to the hospital in the middle of the night and found out I had a bladder infection which was causing the contractions.

I stayed to be monitored until medication kicked in and they stopped. Praying for a healthy road for you and baby the remainder of your pregnancy! I went into preterm labor and they put 2 IV bags on me before the contractions would stop. Scary stuff. I went through the same thing at 30 weeks and was terrified. We ended up going to hospital and I received fluids through an IV. Even with those it took a few hours for the contractions to stop. As we left the house I ridiculously panicked that none of my daughters newborn clothes were washed and ready. I learned a huge lesson that night and have spread the importance of staying hydrated to any of my pregnant friends.

I appreciate all of your Mommy blogs so much and am glad everything is okay! Would hate to have experienced this later on in pregnancy, you just might have saved me this experience! SO happy that you read this and hopefully this never happens to you! Hope you have a smooth rest of your pregnancy luv! Glad you are ok! This happened to me with my son at around 32 weeks. Cheers to drinking more water and a smooth rest of pregnancy for you!!! I learned this lesson from my midwife in my first pregnancy. She said to drink a 2 liter of water or about half your body weight in ounces and lay on the left side when it happens.

If after an hour, they have not stopped to go in. The other key thing she said that no one has mentioned yet is to take a bath or swim daily towards the end to help with water retention in the ankles, hands and feet. It sounded silly but she explained it as the weight of the water around you pushes the water into your bloodstream and filters through your kidneys. The idea is to flush your system. This is such a great reminder to keep drinking water!!

I thought I was pretty consistent in drinking water and staying hydrated until I read your story. Talk to your doctor about it. How scary is this for you! When I was pregnant all I wanted to drink was water, with ice! I am so glad that you and Baby M are ok! Praying for you for an easy going rest of your pregnancy! Wow glad you are okay!!!!!!! Going to fill up my water bottle now! Gall bladder and asthma attacks. What was I thinking? Great that you are sharing this!

I hear ya about not calling the dr or waking up the fam. Just wondered and paced around. As a busy mom who is also pregnant same due date as you, actually! I saw on your instagram that you posted a tutorial on your foundation routine— would you mind sharing: 1. How you clean the brushes that you linked to 2.

The products you use moisturizer and foundation Your skin and make up always look so amazing— I have total mom envy. I had a fever from a uti went to hospital the hooked me up to monitor the baby and the nurses were amazed that i felt nothing! Had to spend a few hours hooked up to an IV to get hydrated. Scary stuff! I am a labor and delivery nurse and we see this all the time!

Especially in the summer months! Thanks for spreading awareness on how important this is! This is my first pregnancy and I find so much comfort in knowing that not everyone has each day be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. I have found that the internet can be helpful but I have also found that it makes my mind go crazy worrying and thinking about all that could potentially be happening.

Again thank you for sharing and keep them coming. It helps out more than you know. As a doctor — do not be afraid to go to the hospital when there is a serious concern. Another option for symptoms that seem less alarming is to call the doctor on call. Thank God you are all ok and doing better today! I have Lupus however I had 2 healthy girls so I do understand the insecurities in the not knowing what is going on. We all love you and support you! Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with us!! I am currently on my second pregnancy — this one with twins and I knew drinking water was super important.

I had a really hard time remembering to drink water every day, or knowing how much I had actually had already. It is nice having the hours on there so I can easily monitor where I should be throughout the day and catch up accordingly. So glad you and baby are okay! This happened to me at 39 weeks with my first pregnancy in the middle of the night!

I started having contractions and I called labor and delivery to see if I should go in. She asked that I drink a couple large glasses of water and see if the contractions persisted. My son ended up being 3 days late so I was definitely just dehydrated. Great advice! Ali, I hope you and the baby are OK!

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Take care of yourself! Full of kisses everywhere you feel bad! So glad you and baby are ok. I had a similar situation happen when pregnant with my second. I kept fainting and they said it was from dehydration. The last month of my pregnancy my heart rate and pulse would get SO high that it felt like I was having a heart attack on top of that it was causing me to pass out again. Two trips to LD and they still had no answer. Hang in there. Get lots of rest. Drink lots of water. That was a weakness for me with both of my sons. Thanks so much for sharing!!

This reminds me just how important it is. Thank you! It means so much to me that this post is helping remind others to take care of themselves! Best of luck with the 2nd half of your 3rd pregnancy! Very exciting! So how much water are we actually supposed to be drinking? I thought I was drinking enough but maybe not? If anyone knows, let me know! I thought I was dehydrated, as this happened to me off and on during my last pregnancy. I had no idea that it is very common to have your gallbladder fail during pregnancy.

After I had my daughter I continued to have more and more before my midwife figured out what they were. Prior to that they had thought the same thing, dehydration and gas pains. Its a good precaution! If you find you have a bad gallbladder you can alter your diet to alleviate some of the pain. I had to have surgery four weeks postpartum to have mine removed. The surgeon said he was working on three other postpartum moms that week for the same thing! I had a scenario very similar to this happen to me with my first pregnancy.

I started having horrible pains and because I had never experienced pregnancy before, I was terrified and convinced it was contractions and it was way too early, about 20 weeks. Long story short, I was in horrific pain and sat on the toilet, not able to go, thinking I was losing my baby and telling my husband to call an ambulance. Ended up having a healthy baby boy delivered on his actual due date. I am so glad everything is ok for you!! Sending well wishes for a perfect, 40 week long pregnancy.

So glad you and the baby are ok. I learned the hard way how important it is to listen to your body. My first baby was born at 35 weeks but only lived 3 days. With my next two babies I went to the hospital for everything! Take care, rest up and listen to your body. You know it best.

Dehydration is very serious. Thank you for sharing your story. I just love you! God Bless. I had a similar pregnancy scare at around 12 weeks and thought for sure I was miscarrying. I spent 12 hours in the ER only to find out the same thing you did. I started carrying ice water with me everywhere. I completely understand your fear and I am so sorry you had to go through that. Glad you and your sweet baby are ok. Praying for a smooth third trimester! I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first, my son. My now ex husband was out on deployment and I was home alone in Texas.

No family close by. No close friends. I had what I thought was gas pains. Our upstairs neighbor happened to be a doctor and wife. Earlier that week she had given me her number in case I ever needed anything. Well my pains started coming every five minutes. I called her. She calmly called the doctor for me, got me in the car and took me into the doctor to the hospital. I was in preterm labor. Long story short- i ended up making it to 34 weeks.

But always trust your instinct! My son is now 10 years old. Second babies always seem to bring on whole new senarios! My first was a breeze…my second put me in the hospital with severe morning sickness for a week! Had a PICC line and everything! Then I was having similar pains that you described…went into the birth center and my uterus was irritated! It is a very scary thing to happen. I went into labor and had my little boy 4. He is happy and healthy little boy and we are so thankful that we were far enough along. But it is so important to take care of ourselves.

Again so happy you both are ok and your bringing more awareness to this. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. My dehydration story comes from after delivery. We came home from the hospital and ended up back there again 2 days later because I was dehydrated and ended up with a bladder infection. The doctors told me to be sure to have a water bottle with me at all times and to fill a pitcher to kee in the fridge.

It should be empty by the end of the day. Just remember hydration is important post baby as well, especially if you plan to breast feed. It happened to me! In I was pregnant with my second child, our son. At around 34 weeks I too started having contractions one night. They became strong enough and frequently enough that we knew we needed to go to the hospital I was already high risk because of being 39 at the time and an unrelated disease so we were worried. Like you, I was concerned about dragging our daughter to the hospital so we waited for a friend to come over and stay. Once we got to the hospital I was really scared I was going to have a premature baby born in the next day or so.

The brought me in and hooked me up and sure enough I was having strong contractions. First thing they did??? Gave me one of those hospital water pitchers full of ice water and told me to drink it all down quickly. I did and then they gave me a second. They also gave me a dose of medicine to stop the contractions. They continued to have me drink tons of water, explaining that dehydration can trigger contractions.

They ended up having to do a second dose of the medicine to try to stop contractions.

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Between that and the water, the contractions finally stopped! After being there overnight I was ok to go home. They said because I had gone into preterm labor and was high risk already that they suggested I go on bed rest because if I went into labor again and I was almost 35 weeks, they would let it go and not stop contractions.

When discharging me they explained I must continue to drink water, especially anytime I feel any contraction. So the take-away? Please, drink tons of water every day and at the first sign of contractions, seek medical advice! So happy to hear you are OK. And definitely glad you wrote about this. You get so busy with life and taking care of your active little one, that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. My boys are all grownup now so no pregnancy story to tell. I tend to not drink enough and just read an article about signs of dehydration….

I crave sooooo much candy and sweets! Hi Ali, I am so glad both you and the baby are doing ok. Even tho I have not experienced anything like that while I was pregnant I am like a camel when it comes to drinking ha! I remember very well the anxious feeling of waiting for baby kicks to be sure the little one was doing good in there and occasionally eating sugary snacks to give him a sugar boost and make him move. Hi Ali, First off I just want to say how happy I am your feeling better and all is well with you and your baby.

I had my first son at 32 weeks pregnant due to a placenta accessory lobe abruption at week I had an irritable uterus most of my first pregnancy which was pretty awful and caused contractions from week 28 on. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and horrible about drinking water. I will definitely be more diligent about it now.

Glad you and baby are okay! Had my first baby at 25 weeks….. Second baby on bed rest from 19 weeks on due to preterm labor…she was still born…Third baby…bed rest from 19 weeks on…had him at 32 weeks…Fourth baby…bed rest from 19 weeks on…had him at 36 weeks. The 3 of them are healthy and amazing…. This happened to me in conjunction with a kidney stone at 28 weeks and the pain was absolutely indescribable!

I spent 4 days in the hospital with IV fluids and pain meds. Baby and mommy were ok after that but it was such a scary experience. Thank you for sharing your story, I love your blog! So glad you wrote about this! They also were worse when I had a really active day at work. At first I think my husband thought I was being lazy -haha but I know what labour feels like — I have a 2 year old! At 35weeks I went to hospital thinking it must be labour — and I was having legit contractions 2min apart — but with rest they stopped. After that, my doctor put me off work.

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All the best to you from Canada!! I had my second son Brandon 4 months ago. My oldest Jimmie is currently 23 months. My pregnancy with Brandon was a bit more eventful because I had to keep up with a toddler. It is extremely hard. I was in pain like you were and could barely move it hurt so bad.