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When SZA announced the release of her debut studio album, no one knew quite what to expect. Her diverse back catalogue, which earned her a small-but-steady following, hinted towards various paths her sound could take. But when Ctrl finally arrived, the St. Louis born year-old exceeded our wildest expectations.

Ctrl is an intimate project filled to the brim with messy and twisted anthems of love in all its forms. Her raw and heartfelt vocals glide across the tracks sweetly while the lyrics pack a punch of sincerity. The candour with which she lays her cards on the table through songs like Supermodel, Normal Girl and The Weekend touched nerves beyond her core fans, in a time of political uncertainty and doublespeak.

The record took SZA from a relative mystery even to her supporters, into absolute and vulnerable visibility. Somehow SZA was able to reinvigorate an audience — particularly an underappreciated black and female one — with fluctuating cadences, stellar vocals and relatable lyricism. Instead of forming a signature sound, she succeeded in creating a coherent world of her own truth. Ctrl is one of those records so intricately constructed that it could not lose a single song — it demands to be heard, skits and all, start to finish, in all its imperfect optimism.

A full eight years had elapsed between the first Fever Ray album and the surprise drop of Plunge. An ice age in album cycles but maybe, just maybe, even longer in politics.

Framing Public Memory (Albma Rhetoric Cult & Soc Crit)

The first Fever Ray album traced an interior world, hemmed in by domesticity and where sublime loneliness was encoded into obsessive details, a dishwasher tablet or a pot plant. In the era of pussy hats and pussy grabs, the choice of words was telling. It thrums and rattles, eddies and swirls — synths sound like buzzsaws or sirens. But even at its most playful or conflicted, Plunge pulsates with a kind of abject lust. In , this unstoppering of such a lust — and what an unstoppering it was — took on a political potency.

This is queer desire, sharpened and weaponised. Following early criticism of her authenticity, Lana doubled down, releasing two records that took a swan dive into the luxurious darkness of her universe: Hollywood film scores dripping with drama; claustrophobic tales of tumultuous relationships. Just as the smile suggested, Lust for Life presented a shift in mood. After years of glamorous destruction, Lana began to clean up the mess.

Her storytelling explored rich new depths: insular tales of loneliness and fame, hopeless infatuation and doe-eyed adoration are painted through layers of symbolism — secluded beaches, rotting peaches and the sleek muscle of a White Mustang. Optimism sounds utterly fabulous on album bookends Love and Get Free , which trace a departure from the lyrical darkness she inhabited and toward some otherworldly place. These moments are certainly direct, but this is soft, affectionate protest music.

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It evokes emotion rather than demands revolution. Questions are asked but not answered. The soft-hued paradise that Lana hints at is still just slightly out of reach, both for us and for herself. She strives for personal resolve across the album without ever quite getting there. In this way, Lust for Life is a complex, open-hearted, and human effort. A peep-hole look at a canonical artist so shrouded in illusion. The album in which saved our hearts from turning cold. And at the time, it was a beautiful shock to hear his voice so clearly. At this point in Arca is widely recognised as a charismatic presence among the avant-garde.

His genreless, slippery instrumentals provided a much-needed burst of future shock during a time when conversations about electronic music were brimming with anxiety about a perceived lack of new ideas. But in order to unlock the seminal work of art that was brewing inside him, there was still something he had to confront.

The key was his voice. Even after his sexual and artistic liberation years later while living in New York, Ghersi only felt confident using his voice when heavily distorted and washed up in his restless audio collages. Experimental music often risks the reputation of being difficult or indulgent. But it would be tragic to write off Arca as too abstruse.

Although this album chronicles a journey that is specific to Alejandro Ghersi, its narrative of a painful, messy transformation is universal. Arca is one of those rare records you can turn to in the peak of an emotional emergency, and it sounds like nothing that was released before it. An independent platform for contemporary culture Design and build by Plinth. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Albums - 51 50 - 1. The Top Albums of John Maus Pessimist Jana Rush Mike Cooper Brockhampton Visible Cloaks Aldous Harding Blue Iverson Sleaford Mods Vincent GAS Hitmakerchinx Stormzy Angel Olsen Omar Souleyman Mount Kimbie Sevdaliza Actress SYD Sandy Alex G Charli XCX Sheer Mag Priests Jay-Z King Krule Tyler, the Creator IDLES Kelela Jlin Drake William Basinski J Hus Kehlani Migos Thundercat Slowdive Perfume Genius DJ Python LCD Soundsystem At the same time, developments such as farmers markets suggest a continued striving by suburbanites to form relationships in a richer, more organic fashion.

Rather, he succeeds in showing how by identifying the positive rhetorical resources the suburbs supply, it is in fact possible to engage with the suburbs intentionally, thoughtfully, and rigorously. Beyond an analysis of the suburban imaginary, Suburban Dreams demonstrates how a critical engagement with everyday places can enrich daily life. The book provides much of interest to students and scholars of rhetoric, communication studies, public memory, American studies, architecture, and urban planning.

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