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Hellboy is reluctant to wield Excalibur, command the army of undead British nobility and battle enemy Nimue's army. Hall author and C. Richards artist. In a world of wizards, giants, and dragons, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are Camelot's only defense against the threatening forces of evil. Fighting battles and saving those in need, the Knights of the Round Table can defeat every enemy but one-themselves. Guided by Merlin, a young Arthur succeeds a sword, claims a throne, dons a crown and garners knight loyalty.

But can he win freedom and peace for all of Britain? Published by Marvel Comics.

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The Green Knight is in eternal conflict with the Red Knight. Power is bestowed to various groups throughout British history by the Green Knight in an effort to protect nature. Includes three short Arthurian stories of horror and dread, featuring knights, zombies, dragons and more. Includes "Sword of Darkness" and "Knight of Darkness". Chronicle of Arthur's life, from his mysterious birth through battles and adventures to his establishment as king.

Conscience-riddled Arthur refuses to take complete control after defeating the Saxons. Retelling of Arthur's life from his fosterage through his death; from servant boy to warrior-statesman-king and willing lover to Morgan la Fay. Guinevere is a political convenience, Merlin a philosopher and manipulative pedophile, Lancelot a neurotic and Mordred a religious masquerading militarist.

Reimagining of Malory and White's takes on the legend. The glory and idealism of Arthur's court at Camelot are emphasized. Familiar characters and stories are twisted up a bit. Arthur's stronghold in West Britannia is threatened with a final push in the Battle of Badon. Gritty and dark. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Dominic Chronicles" series.

To entertain Arthur's court, he recounts ancient Celtic folk tales and stories of the adventures of Arthur's warriors. Short story collection crossover. Sir Galahad; son of Lancelot, undefeated in battle, survivor of the Siege Perilous, miracle worker and successful Holy Grail questor. Third-person telling of Galahad's life which helps us understand his later life opinions, beliefs and prejudices. Multi-perspective view of Arthur's career via focus on the fortunes of one of his warriors, on his half-Jute wife Winifrit, on Guenevere and on Cai. Loyalty and betrayal are explored.

Unique Arthurian tale which chronicles the Pendragon line from apex to annihilation and those that attach themselves to it. Includes the story of Arthur's lesser-known son, Amr Pendragon. A cowboy version of Arthurian legend set in Texas Jimmy Goodnight aka Crying Coyote is a cowboy instead of a king, but he lives with many of the moral rules and plot conflicts of King Arthur.

Lots of cowboy-talkin'. Epic story of the complex world and life of Merlin, from infancy to adulthood. Set in 6th century Dark Ages Britain. Closely based on the Welsh Mabinogion. Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain. Merlin's early life as he travels his destiny to King Arthur's court.

Merlin is shrewd but not magical. In the early 5th century, the coming of Arthur is foreseen by the chief at a strategic Roman military fortress in northern Wales. Mention of Arthur is minimal and very late in the book. Merlin is evil, Guinevere is beautiful and haughty and Arthur is a Romanized emperor. Pelleas narrates this tale covering most of the Arthurian saga.

Set in post-Roman 6th century Britain. Chronicle of Arthur's life-from conception to death and his Knights of the Round Table. Years after Arthur's supposed death, he returns to Camelot with no memory of his demise and still believing he is king. He finds Lancelot on the throne and married to Guinevere. Dissenting Knights have been dispatched to the dungeon. Story of what might have happened had Arthur not been killed during battle. Life after Arthur is a big squabble between the British kings who want marry Guenevere and take Arthur's place. The Fourth Guenevere fourth wife to Arthur-all of whom must carry the same name Guenevere who could help with harmony has been abducted.

Narrated in first-person by Morvran, King of Gwent. Life of Galahad Grail Knight and Lancelot's son from before his conception to his death. Story of honor and chivalry in King Arthur's court. Epic story chronicles a year of inhabitants' lives in the small English town of Glastonbury and the relationship between Glastonbury and the modern world. Glastonbury is the hub of numerous Grail legends and the site of the Isle of Avalon.

Before his death, King Arthur swore the young knight Galahad to undertake a quest: a search for the scattered treasures of an ancient king. The future of Britain hinges upon the recovery of these powerful relics a grail, a spear and a sword. Coming-of-age story of Lancelot's son, Galahad. Gritty story about the struggle of ancient Celtic Britain's survival after the departure of the Romans. Featured is the warrior life of Artos the Bear as told by Mordred. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Celtic" tetralogy. Set 6th century very dark Britain. The fall of Rome, wars, new religion, plague, starvation and death are sweeping the land.

The "curse" is blamed on Lord Artgur, the Bear-Man. Novelization of the movie by the same name. Arthur and six of his remaining knights defeat the Saxons at Badon Hill the same day the Roman legions leave Hadrian's Wall. In this version, Guinevere is Merlin's daughter.

Jaap Ter Haar. Retelling of the story of King Arthur and his attempt to create a kingdom based on justice and mercy for all. Adventures of Arthur's knights, sisters, followers and close companions as they might have happened in pagan 6th century Dark Ages. Kentigern son of Owen and grandson of Urien are involved in the doomed attempt to drive away invading Germanic warriors and unite the Britons. Four drunken Knights of Camelot kill the sister of a young, poor tenant boy.

He vows revenge and becomes enmeshed in the trials, tribulations and tragedies of Camelot. Dark and grim. Dark and dismal account of the Battle of Mount Badon. Narrated by Bedwyr. Intermingling of Arthurian legend and the "Song of Roland". The warrior Roland a descendant of Merlin takes up the quest for the Grail. Story of the Grail Quests of sheltered Perceval and world-weary Gawain. Arthurian saga set in post-Roman Britain. Lancelot, alone and aging, recalls his youth, his service to Ambrosius Aurlianus and meeting the whore Gwenhever.

Artorius appears as a semi-barbaric, mysterious figure. First-person account by Bors of Lancelot's life at Camelot, his Grail quest, his affair with Guinevere and the downfall of the Round Table. Percevale seeks Mordred to avenge Arthur's death. Novel begins in and continues through the decline of Rome and the battle of Mount Badon. Uther Romulus, the Emperor of Rome is only fourteen years old at the end of the novel. Prologue and epilogue are Merlin's first-person explanation. Military conflicts are emphasized. Rebellion, hardships and trials confront Arthur II, but he is supported by the people of his realm who continue to fight for the last Pendragon.

Set eleven years after Bedwyr disobeys the wish of dying King Arthur by secreting the magic sword Caliburn into the trunk of a tree rather than throwing it back into the Lake from whence it came. Bedwyr returns from Rome and becomes involved with the dead king Arthur's grandson evil Medraut's son. Disgraced Bedwyr sets about to find Caliburn and save Camelot from a Saxon warlord threatening conquer. Third-person narrative focusing on one of Pellinore's sons and the feud between his and Gawaine's family. A darker side of Arthurian lore.

Mordred narrates this version in which he and Guinevere join forces to protect Britain as Arthur plans to conquer Europe. Set in the time of Charles I and Cromwell's rebellion. Interwoven with Shakespearean elements and characters. Fantasy crossover. John of Carlisle is hired by Mordred to be his scribe and make a record of Mordred's story.

Mordred blames Merlin for Arthur's rejection of him Mordred as a son and heir. Mordred claims that Merlin and Arthur are megalomaniacs set on taking over the world. Mordred views himself as heroic and noble. Mordred narrates this somewhat crude story that recalls Arthur's refusal to name him as heir or acknowledge him as a son. Cursed bastard, bitter and blameful is Mordred. Mordred is a well-intended, honorable guy in this version of the Arthurian saga. Mordred is not the only flawed soul Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot's darker sides are also exposed. Grim, graphic, racy and humorous.

International intrigue as spies try to discover the geographical truths behind the Arthurian legends. Set in 20th century England. Interesting personalities to the usual characters and an atypical ending. Narrated by Arthur. Intelligent retelling of Parsifal's quest for the Holy Grail. Story weaves together many of the familiar stories of Arthurian legend. Golden days of Camelot as recalled by an aged Bedivere Arthur's foster brother. Arthur is a Romanized Celt and Camelot is glorious. Set in the 5th century. Previously published as "The Sword and the Flame". Gwendaello Guenevere does not stand in the background.

She is a ruler in her own right and the successor to the Pendragon title instead of Artorius Arthur. Nennius's account of the twelve great battles Artorius Arthor fought. Myrddin plays an influential role throughout and Arthur is still alive at the end. Roman, military focus. Young Percival's dual quest for Arthur and the Grail and of the strange loss that follows. Arthur is a middle-aged, slow-witted oaf brought to the throne by Merlin and Mordred to be a puppet king.

Arthur uses his Yankee-like ingenuity, peasant's good sense and dream of peace to earn the kingdom's respect. After Arthur's defeat at Camlin, attempts are made to safeguard the Roman culture. This results in the Arthurian legendary heroics being preserved among the Saxons in the developing kingdom of Bernicia. Arthur becomes king and faces evil forces that are defeated through his belief in his Savior. His life is forfeit through Mordred's forgiven treachery.

About the dark days prior to Camelot and the rise and reign of King Arthur. Explores the tribes of England when the Romans were withdrawing from Britain. Story of the neglected hero of the Round Table-Gawain. Gawain narrates his story. Both are led to their destinies by visions. Set A. Arthur is of the Old Ways and a warrior-king defending 5th century England against the invading Saxons. Tale is told by Arthur's bard, Taliesin. Fictionalized autobiography of the bard Taliesin Merlin as a Christian monk at the end of his life in Glastonbury.

Set in 6th century Britain. Tale of Arthur as he might have been; a Celtic warlord and clan military leader. Covers the history of Britain from its final abandonment by the Roman army to the death of Arthur. Introduces Arthur's second child-a daughter. A "quasi-history" as-if-it-were-true conception of dark ages Britain and battle leader Arthur. Expansive in time and locales. Rival journalists report on the affairs of Arthur's realm during the later years of his reign. Original and witty. New version of the story of Arthur's parents Uther and Igraine. Uther is portrayed as compassionate, gentle, kind and pious.

His longing for Igraine drives him to be a great leader in battle. Traditional search for the Holy Grail is relocated to the contemporary setting of an obscure country parish. Much philosophical and spiritual musings regarding magic and religion. Series includes "The Crystal Cave" sets up the background for the Arthurian legend , "The Hollow Hills" encompasses most of Arthur's lifespan, including his childhood with Merlin as his tutor , "The Last Enchantment" Merlin's later life against the continued background of Arthur's rule , "The Wicked Day" latter period of Arthur's rule and "The Prince and the Pilgrim" love story of two seekers.

The first three are narrated by Merlin and the last by Mordred. Books are included as the omnibus "Merlin's Trilogy" and books in the omnibus "Legacy: Arthurian Saga". Bedivere is narrator, protagonist and old. He was also King Arthur's best friend, his right-hand man, horse lord, the first and last man to know him. It is post-Camelot and Bedivere decides to recall and write his memories. Legend of King Arthur, the wizard Merlin and sword Caliburn. Arthur faces challenges from the Saxons, ambitious brother, jealous women, barbaric Celtic clans and mentor-Merlin.

Historical, military adventure, multi-generational saga set in late and post-Roman Britain. Re-creates a Roman world, the rebuilding of Britain and the founding of Camelot by Arthur's ancestors. Arthurian material is introduced slowly throughout the series. Set in the th centuries. Warrior Arturo struggles in a Romano-British world where he is an outcast driven by what he believes to be the wishes of the Gods. Set in Roman Britain. Gwalchmai Gawain must choose between supporting his evil mother Queen Morgawse or his maternal uncle King Arthur.

She retaliates by placing a curse on Guenevere, rendering the queen childless and "A Prince in Camelot" Mordred's story of his discovery of his true identity and struggles therein. Romano-Celtic series portrays Arthur's life in 5th century post-Roman, war-torn, Saxon-invaded Britain. Artorius begins as a poor childhood servant and develops into a military war leader who successfully bands rival Celtic clans to conquer the Saxons. Trio includes "Firelord" Artorius narrates the story of his reign from his deathbed , "Beloved Exile" Guenevere narrates the story of what occurs after Arthur's death and series prequel "The Last Rainbow" Story of Morgana's ancestors.

One of the characters is a young Arthur who campaigns in Scotland. Arthur re-imagined as a heroic Roman admiral named Carausius who stole the Channel fleet, freed Britain from Roman rule, declared himself ruler of Britain and led the country through war and peace in the 3rd century.

Caraausius' lover Guinevia and druid Myrddin are characters. Series begins with "Arthur Britannicus". Rewriting in contemporary style familiar stories from 11th and 15th centuries Arthurian manuscripts. Arthurian legend in the first-person voice of King Arthur's wife Guinevere. Reimagining of the great King Artor, his life and legacy. Told from the perspective of distinct tribal cultures that are fighting for dominion of Britain during the chaotic 6th century. Retelling of Arthur's life; how Arthur rose to power, his battle with the Saxons, failed marriage and ultimately his death.

Series is sequel to Hume's "The Merlin Prophecy" trilogy. Retelling of the grim realities of King Arthur's Dark Ages. Features the military exploits of Artorius on his path of destiny. First book in the series is a retelling of the classic King Arthur legend. Young Arthur with his step-brother Sir Kay and their trusty squire Gawain go on a journey to save Lord Ector and take the kingdom for Arthur, the true heir of the late King Uther Pendragon.

Series begins with "The Rise of King Arthur". Set in the period leading to Arthur's rise to power in 5th century Britain. Series planned to cover the entire story of Arthur and Merlin. Exploration of the early life and emotions of bullied orphan Merlin. Series includes "Merlin of Carmarthen" and "Merlin of Calidon". Chronicles Merlin's life and legacy.

First book "Battle of the Kings" tells of his early years, becoming healer, scientist and master strategist. Trio also includes "Death of an Empire" and "Hunting with Gods". Series is prequel to Hume's "King Arthur" trilogy. Retelling of the love story legend of Yseult and Tristan. Much historical content as Britain struggles to determine a High King while Ireland deals with the disturbance of Christianity to their Druid Old Ways.

Set in the post-Roman 5th century Britain. Story begins in A. Hollick's Arthur is a vicious opportunist, devious and manipulative, a lusty master of expedient decision and action. Adventures of Arthur's parents a British slave and the son of the gladiator Spartacus , a young Arturus and his half-sister Morgan.

Military-focused adventures as Arthur unites Britain. Realistic, gritty version of the Arthurian story that downplays the magic and romance, placing an emphasis on battles and politics. Updating of the legend of Excalibur in the land of Attila, looted by the Nazis and seized by the Soviets. Spanning some of the great events of the 20th century, book follows the fortunes of a Welsh-Russian family as they become bound up with the ancient sword Excalibur. Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain when Britannia is a decaying, dangerous place. Camelot does not exist.

Chivalry does not exist. Genevieve is a fallen nun. Warrior Arthur is a pragmatic seeking power. Merlin is blamed for a murder. Arthur calls on "Mad Malgwyn" to help save his reputation and glorious future. Malgwyn ap Cuneglas becomes Arthur's companion, counsel and sleuth to solve various mysteries. Bit gritty. A Celtic scholar is murdered when she discovers a priceless 13th century manuscript that could prove the identity of King Arthur.

Victim's sister takes up the quest to find the manuscript and killer. An author impulsively decides to retreat from hectic London to a small British village to work on writing her fifth book. She is distracted by the discovery that twelve people disappeared from the village two decades ago. She begins her own investigation that soon blurs her reality from another as she becomes part of the story.

Avalon is calling. Owners of an old manor in Cornwall try to create an Arthurian archaeological site by salting it with 5th century objects. Suspenseful exploration of the myth or not of King Arthur. First book in the series "The Quest for Camelot" is set in contemporary time and features Guinevere Arthur, a researcher for the Daughters of the Roundtable organization. She is obsessed with all things Arthur. She has the perfect career authenticating Arthurian artifacts and studying ancient texts. She is contacted by a woman claiming to be a descendant of a child by Guinevere and Lancelot du Lac.

Shortly thereafter, this woman is kidnapped and her aunt is murdered. Gwen must prove the existence of Excalibur to insure a safe return. An archeologist makes a surprising discovery at Stonehenge which seems to scientifically prove King Arthur's existence. Romance develops with the Linguist he partners with in his search for Camlann. In , the ancient relics the Holy Grail and Excalibur have been stolen.

Sir Roger Shallot, a Falstaffian rascal, thief, liar and coward seeks to recover the hallowed artifacts. Decapitated heads, mysterious fires and an eerie Templar Chapel play parts. Humor throughout. Set in the late 12th century. Mysterious fire at Glastonbury Abbey reveals two skeletons rumored to be the remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Part of the "Mistress of the Art of Death" series.

Tale of the Green Knight's apprentice as he serves the Green Knight while trying to keep the Old Ways of the ancient druids. Queen Guenevere is hosting a dinner party. Before the end of the evening, a young knight has fallen dead of poison. Arthur's beloved, unfaithful queen stands branded as a murderess and condemned to death. A quest for the real killer and proof of Guenevere's innocence ensues. Collection of five novellas set between and Stories about a set of bones discovered in Wales and rumored to be those of King Arthur.

The bones are unburied and reburied throughout time with each "new" discovery bringing murders and mayhem. Series begins with "The Excalibur Murders" legendary Excalibur and an ancient artifact are stolen, a squire is murdered and Merlin with his apprentice conjures to catch all. Series also includes "The Lancelot Murders" Lancelot is accused of murdering Queen Guenevere's father, she begs Merlin to prove his innocence and "The Pendragon Murders" King Arthur's potential heirs are mysteriously dying and Merlin proves some culprit more sinister than the plague.

Contemporary take on the classic Grail Quest. The Paper Grail is a 19th century Japanese sketch that had once been shaped into a cup and used to gather blood. A Northern California museum curator discovers the Paper Grail's mystery. A 20th century professor "non-believer" is sent back to Arthurian time by Merlin. She meets Galahad the Chaste and is to help him in his Grail quest. Both discover passion and love. Set in late 6th century Scotland. Series is a Christian historical romance that interweaves Arthurian lore throughout.

Trio includes "Healer", "Thief" and "Rebel". Sequel is "Search for Camelot". Set in Philadelphia, London, Glastonbury and Edinburgh. Arthur receives a clue to Excalibur's location. He and Chelsea quest to find fabled Excalibur and fall in love during their adventure. Mystery crossover. A middle-aged, marginally successful and marginally functional Hollywood actress is thrust back into the time of legendary King Arthur. In the first book "Enchanted Warrior" the great Knight Gawain awakens centuries after the collapse of Camelot.

In the search for his companions, he meets a magical witch at a medieval theme park who he must trust to help him save humanity from a faery onslaught. Follows the lives of children of Avalon descendants of Merlin. Includes a power-hungry villainous Nimue and the goodly Morgan le Fay ruler of Avalon who are foretold to return magic to the world.

Medieval setting. Sensual adventures of Maia, Averil and Junia-the daughters of King Arthur's descendant Lord Pendragon as they search for love and passion in a land rife with political intrigue, danger and magic. These are their stories. Simpler reworking of the legend of lovers Tristan and Yseult.

Examination of the conflict of love versus duty in the tragic romance between Tristan and Isoud. Merlin has escaped the Crystal Cave and come to the 20th century to rescue Excalibur. A journalist falls in love with him. Story alternates time periods.

King Arthur names Lancelot his First Knight. Lancelot's loyalty to Arthur is mightily tested by his love for Queen Guinevere. Chronicle of the life and loves of the Queen of Camelot. Trilogy is contained within the omnibus "Guinevere: A Medieval Romance". John aka Norma Johnston. Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot love triangle set in the 20th century as a Gothic romance. Modern day young woman wounded in action in the Middle East is now trying her hand at running a bookstore.

She pricks her finger on a curious book, letting blood spill on the pages, thus making for the appearance of legendary King Arthur who walks into the bookstore naked. Chaos and romance ensue. Paranormal, time-travel romance. Explores the relationship between Lancelot and Arthur. Goodly Morgan is a featured character. First book is "Lancelot and the Wolf".

The mysterious aura of the Round Table Knights is well represented. Trio includes "Lancelot", "Geraint" and "Gawain". Paranormal romance. Different twist on the Arthurian story: Arthur and his sisters are powerful, Morganna is not entirely evil, Queen Gwen is silly and over-religious. Time-travel and other stuff of fantasy included monsters, giants, elves.

Set in 7th century Wales. Adventures of Arthur's heir Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon and his love Rhiann. This paranormal romance begins with "The Last Pendragon". About Arthur's secretly wed wife, uncrowned queen and mother of his daughter. Title character is mother of Arthur's blind son. Story is based on a brief passage in Mallory which tells of Arthur's affair with Earl Sanam's daughter.

Features the various love affairs within Camelot in the 12th century. Gwinevere is the "wench". Retelling of the story of Trystan and Yseult set against the backdrop of Arthur's Britain. Conveyed from Gareth's point of view. Mash-up of Arthurian legend and vampires. Series begins with "Seduction's Gift" found within the anthology "Hot Blooded" followed by full length novel "Master of the Knight".

Erotic fantasy. Most of this novel takes place in the distant future after an apocalyptic nuclear war. Brieana, whom Merlin has placed in suspended animation, awakens to discover Excalibur and her destiny as the Woman of Legend. Explicit sex scenes. Story of Merlin's three daughters who are fierce, magical, wise and sexy. Brings a story to life that had only been hinted at in classic Arthurian legend…the romance between King Arthur and his nephew Prince Mordred. Arthur's elder half-sister Morgan, an accomplished witch who defends against dark, shape-shifting Merlin, seeks to destroy Arthur and vanquish her enemies.

She trusts only her magic and the sword Excalibur. Revenge, jealousy, intrigue, trickery, romance. Morgen and Arthur are not the typical adversaries. Morgen is Faerie Goddess and Queen of Avalon. She is dedicated healing and teaching peace. As a changeling, she assumes mortal form and becomes Arthur's healer, true love and partner in creating a peaceable Britannia.

Also featured in the series is Eliana daughter of Merlin and Morgen. First series book "Timeless Night" set in 21st century LA. King Arthur and all endeavor to best the Fae. All the while, Arthur and his knights face Uther and foe. Time-travel to Camelot where true love is found. Retelling of the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers Tristan and Isolde in 6th century post-Arthur Britain.

Retelling of Lancelot's life and love for Lady Guinevere. Lancelot is not the usual cowed adulterer of legend. Novella starting the series "Betrothal" is told from the point of view of young Guinevere as she is caught between the responsibility of her crown and the desires of her heart. Arthur and half-aunt Morgan share a secret love. Once he is king, Arthur weds the Celtic princess Gwenhwyfar, yet he and Morgan remain lovers. With Arthur's blessing, Gwenhwyfar finds love with close friend and ally Bedwyr. Arthur goes on to unify the British tribes, repel the Saxon threat and establish peace.

The story is sympathetic to Morgan, Gwenhwyfar and Morgause. Three-novel collection of medieval love stories set near three different possible locations of Camelot. Featured are Lancelot's plight and Mordred's treachery. This year two ealdormen came to Britain, Ceodric and Cynric his son, with five ships, at the place which is called Cerdics-ore, and the same day they fought against the Welsh. This year Cerdic and Cynric slew a British king, whose name was Natan-leod, and five thousand men with him. After that the country was named Natan-lea, as far Cerdicsford, [Charford.

This year [15] St. Benedict the abbat, father of all monks, went to heaven. This year the West-Saxons came to Britain with three ships, at the place which is called Cerdic's-ore, and Stuf and Whitgar fought against the Britons, and put them to flight. And from that time forth the royal offspring of the West-Saxons reigned. This year Cerdic and Cynric fought against the Britons at the place which is called Cerdic's-lea. This year Cerdic and Cynric conquered the island of Wight, and slew many men at Whit-garas-byrg, [Carisbrooke, in Wight.

This year, fourteen days before the Kalends of March, the sun was eclipsed from early morning till nine in the forenoon. This year the sun was eclipsed on the twelfth before the Kalends of July, and the stars showed themselves full-nigh half an hour after nine in the forenoon. This year Ida began to reign, from whom arose the royal race of North-humbria; and he reigned twelve years, and built Bambrough, which was at first enclosed by a hedge, and afterwards by a wall.

This year Cynric fought against the Britons at the place which is called Searo-byrig [Old Sarum], and he put the Britons to flight. And Ethelbert, the son of Ermenric was born; and in the thirtieth year of his reign he received baptism, the first of the kings in Britain. This year Ethelbert [16] succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish-men, and held it fifty-three years. In his days the holy pope Gregory sent us baptism, that was in the two and thirtieth year of his reign: and Columba, a mass-priest, came to the Picts, and converted them to the faith of Christ: they are dwellers by the northern mountains.

And their king gave him the island which is called Ii [Iona]: therein are five hides of land, as men say. There Columba built a monastery, and he was abbat there thirty-seven years, and there he died when he was seventy-two years old. His successors still have the place.

The Southern Picts had been baptized long before: bishop Ninia, who had been instructed at Rome, had preached baptism to them, whose church and his monastery is at Whitherne, consecrated in the name of St. Martin: there he resteth, with many holy men. Now in Ii there must ever be an abbat, and not a bishop; and all the Scottish bishops ought to be subject to him, because Columba was an abbat and not a bishop.

This year Columba the presbyter came from the Scots among the Britons, to instruct the Picts, and he built a monastery in the island of Hii. This year Ceawlin, and Cutha, Ceawlin's brother, fought against Ethelbert, and drove him into Kent, and they killed two ealdormen at Wibban-dune [Wimbledon], [17] Oslaf and Cnebba. Cutha was Ceawlin's brother. This year Cuthwine and Ceawlin fought against the Britons, and they slew three kings, Comail, and Condidan, and Farinmeail, at the place which is called Deorham [Derham? This year Ceawlin and Cutha fought against the Britons at the place which is called Fethan-lea, [Frethern?

This year in Britain was a great slaughter in battle at Woddesbeorg [Wemborow? This year Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain, with a great many monks, who preached the word of God to the nation of the Angles. This year Ceolwulf began to reign over the West-Saxons; and he fought and contended incessantly against either the Angles, or the Welsh, or the Picts, or the Scots. This year Augustine and his companions came to the land of the Angles.

This year Pope Gregory sent a pall to Archbishop Augustine in Britain, and also a great many religious teachers to assist him, and amongst them was Paulinus the bishop, who afterwards converted Edwin, king of the North-humbrians, to baptism. This year there was a battle at Egesanstane. There Theodbald, Ethelfrith's brother, was slain with all his band. Since then no king of the Scots has dared to lead an army against this nation.

Hering, the son of Hussa, led the enemy thither. This year Augustine consecrated two bishops, Mellitus and Justus. He sent Mellitus to preach baptism to the East-Saxons, whose king was called Sebert son of Ricole, the sister of Ethelbert, and whom Ethelbert had there appointed king.

And Ethelbert gave Mellitus a bishop's see in London, and to Justus he gave Rochester, which is twenty-four miles from Canterbury. This year Pope Gregory died, about ten years after he had sent us baptism; his father was called Gordian, and his mother Silvia. This year Ceolwulf fought against the South-Saxons. And this year Ethelfrith led his army to Chester, and there slew numberless Welshmen: and so was fulfilled the prophecy of Augustine, wherein he saith, 'If the Welsh will not be at peace with us, they shall perish at the hands of the Saxons.

This year Cynegils succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and held it thirty-one years. This year Ethelbert, king of the Kentish-men, died; he was the first English king who received baptism, and he was the son of Eormenric; he reigned fifty-six years, and from the beginning of the world to this same year five thousand eight hundred years were gone by; and after him Eadbald his son succeeded to the kingdom; he forsook his baptismal vow, and lived after the manner of the heathens, so that he had his father's widow to wife.

Then Laurentius, who was archbishop of Kent, was minded that he would go southwards over the sea, and leave it entirely. But the apostle Peter came to him by night and scourged him sorely, because he wished thus to forsake the flock of God, and commanded him to go to the king and preach the true faith to him; and he did so, and the king was converted and was baptized. In this king's days Laurentius who was archbishop of Kent after Augustine, died, and was buried beside Augustine on the 4th Non. After him Mellitus, who formerly had been bishop of London, succeeded to the archbishopric: then the men of London, where Mellitus had been formerly, became heathens again.

And in about five years, during the reign of Eadbald, Mellitus departed to Christ. Then after him Justus succeeded to the archbishopric; and he consecrated Romanus to Rochester, where formerly himself had been bishop. In that time Laurentius was archbishop, and for the sorrowfulness which he had on account of the king's unbelief he was minded to forsake this country entirely, and go over sea; but St.

Peter the apostle scourged him sorely one night, because he wished thus to forsake the flock of God, and commanded him to teach boldly the true faith to the king; and he did so, and the king turned to the right faith. In the days of this same king, Eadbald, this Laurentius died. The holy Augustine, while yet in sound health, ordained him bishop, in order that the community of Christ, which was yet new in England, should not after his decease be at any time without an archbishop.

After him Mellitus, who had been previously bishop of London, succeeded to the archbishopric. And within five years of the decease of Laurentius, while Eadbald still reigned, Mellitus departed to Christ.

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This year Ethelfrid king of the North-humbrians was slain by Redwald king of the East-Angles, and Edwin the son of Alla succeeded to the kingdom, and subdued all Britain, the Kentish-men alone excepted. Kalends of August. This year archbishop Justus consecrated Paulinus bishop of the North-humbrians. But he stabbed Lilla his thane, and Forthhere, and wounded the king. And on the same night a daughter was born to Edwin: she was called Eanfled. Then the king made a vow to Paulinus that he would give his daughter to God, if he would obtain of God that he might kill his foe who had sent the assassin.

And he then went with an army against the West-Saxons, and there killed five kings, and slew a great number of the people. And at Pentecost Paulinus baptized his daughter with twelve others. And within a twelvemonth the king and all his court were baptized at Easter; that year Easter fell on the second before the Ides of April. This was done at York, where he first ordered a church to be built of wood, which was consecrated in the name of St. There the king gave Paulinus a bishop's see, and there he afterwards commanded a larger church to be built of stone.

And this year Penda succeeded to the kingdom [Mercia], and reigned thirty years; and he was fifty years old when he succeeded to the kingdom. A And this Paulinus also preached baptism in Lindsey, where the first who believed was a certain great man called Blecca, with all his followers. And in this time Honorius, who sent Paulinus his pall, succeeded to the popedom after Boniface. And archbishop Justus died on the fourth before the Ides of November, and Honorius was consecrated archbishop of Canterbury by Paulinus at Lincoln.

And to this Honorius the pope also sent a pall: and he sent a letter to the Scots, desiring that they should turn to the right Easter. This year, at Easter, Paulinus baptized Edwin king of the North-humbrians, with his people: and earlier within the same year, at Pentecost, he had baptized Eanfled daughter of the same king.

This year Cynegils and Cuichelm fought against Penda at Cirencester; and then made a treaty. And after that went Cadwalla and Penda and laid waste the whole country of the North-humbrians. When Paulinus saw that, he took Ethelberga, Edwin's widow, and departed in a ship to Kent. And Eadbald and Honorius received him very honourably, and gave him a bishop's see in Rochester; and he dwelt there till his end.

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This year Osric, whom Paulinus had formerly baptized, succeeded to the kingdom of Deira; he was the son of Elfric, Edwin's uncle. And Eanfrid the son of Ethelfrid succeeded to Bernicia. And this year also bishop Birinus first preached baptism to the West-Saxons under king Cynegils. Birinus came thither by command of Honorius the pope, and he there was bishop until his life's end. And this year also Oswald succeeded to the kingdom of the North-humbrians, and he reigned nine years; the ninth being numbered to him because of the heathenism which they practised who reigned over them the one year between him and Edwin.

This year king Cuichelm was baptized at Dorchester, and the same year he died. And bishop Felix preached the faith of Christ to the East-Angles. This year Birinus baptized king Cuthred at Dorchester, and received him as his god son. This year Eadbald, king of the Kentish-men, died, and he reigned twenty-five years. He had two sons, Ermenred and Earconbert, and Earconbert reigned there after his father. He overthrew all idolatry in his kingdom, and was the first of the English kings who established the Easter-fast. His daughter was called Earcongota, a holy woman and a wondrous person, whose mother was Sexberga, daughter of Anna, king of the East-Angles.

And Ermenred begot two sons, who afterwards were martyred by Thunner. This year Oswald, king of the North-humbrians, was slain by Penda and the South-humbrians at Maserfeld on the Nones of August, [20] and his body was buried at Bardney. His sanctity and his miracles were afterwards manifested in various ways beyond this island, and his hands are at Bambrough, uncorrupted. And the same year that Oswald was slain, Oswy his brother succeeded to the kingdom of the North-humbrians, and he reigned two less than thirty years.

This year Kenwalk succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and held it thirty-one years; and Kenwalk commanded the old church at Winchester to be built in the name of St. Peter: and he was the son of Cynegils. This year Paulinus died, on the sixth before the Ides of October; [21] he was first archbishop of York, and afterwards at Rochester. He was bishop one less than twenty years, and two months and twenty-one days. And this year Oswin's uncle's son, [22] the son of Osric, succeeded to the kingdom of Deira, and reigned seven years.

This year king Kenwalk was driven out of his kingdom by king Penda. This year Kenwalk gave Cuthred, his kinsman three thousand hides of land by Ashdown, [Aston? This year the minster was built at Winchester, which king Kenwalk caused to be made, and hallowed in the name of St. This year Birinus the bishop died, and Agilbert the Frenchman was ordained. This year king Oswy ordered king Oswin to be slain, on the thirteenth before the Kal.

This year king Anna was slain, and Botolph began to build a minster at Ycean-ho [Boston? And this year archbishop Honorius died, on the second before the Kalends of October. This year king Oswy slew king Penda at Winwidfield, and thirty men of royal race with him, and some of them were kings, among whom was Ethelhere, brother of Anna, king of the East Angles. And the Mercians became Christians. From the beginning of the world to this time five thousand eight hundred and fifty years were agone; and Peada the son of Penda succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians.

And they began the foundations and wrought thereon, and then committed it to a monk who was called Sexwulf. He was greatly God's friend, and all the country loved him, and he was very nobly born, and rich in a worldly sense; but he is now much richer, being with Christ. And king Peada reigned no long time, for he was betrayed by his own wife at Easter. This year Ithamar bishop of Rochester consecrated Deusdedit to the see of Canterbury on the seventh before the Kalends of April. This year Peada died, and Wulfhere the son of Penda succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians.

In his time the abbacy of Medeshamstede, which his brother had begun, waxed very rich. The king favoured it much for the love of his brother Peada, and for the love of Oswy his brother by baptism, and for the love of abbat Sexwulf. And he said that he would dignify and honour it, and this by the counsel of Ethelred and Merwal his brothers, and Kyneburg and Kyneswith his sisters, and by the counsel of the archbishop, who was called Deus-dedit, and by the counsel of all his witan, both clergy and laity, who were in his kingdom; and he did so.

Then the king sent after the abbat that he should come to him with all speed; and he did so. Then the king said to the abbat, 'Lo! I have sent for thee, beloved Sexwulf, for the behoof of my soul, and I will plainly tell thee for why. My brother Peada and my dear friend Oswy began a monastery to the glory of Christ and St.

But my brother, as it has pleased Christ, is departed this life, and lo! When the king heard that said, he was very glad: he bade send throughout the nation after all his thanes, after the archbishop, and after the bishops, and after his earls, and after all who loved God, that they should come to him: and he set a day on which the monastery should be hallowed. And Deus-dedit archbishop of Canterbury hallowed the monastery, and Ithamar bishop of Rochester, and the bishop of London, who was called Wini, and the bishop of the Mercians, who was called Jaruman, and bishop Tuda.

And there was Wilfrid the priest, who was afterwards a bishop: and all his thanes who were within his kingdom were there. When the monastery had been hallowed in the name of St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Andrew, then the king stood up before all his thanes, and said with a clear voice, 'Thanked be the high Almighty God for the worthy deed which here is done, and I will this day do honour to Christ and St.

Peter; and I desire that ye all assent to my words: I, Wulfhere, do this day give to St. Peter and abbat Sexwulf, and the monks of the monastery, these lands, and these waters, and meres, and fens, and wears, and all the lands which lie thereabout, which are of my kingdom, freely, so that none but the abbat and the monks shall have any claim upon them. This is the grant. Peter's monastery. And thus free I will make this minster, that it be subject to Rome alone; and here it is my will that all of us who are unable to go to Rome shall visit St. While he was saying these words, the abbat desired of him that he would grant him what he should desire of him: and the king granted it.

And there is an island here, which is called Anchorets-isle, and my desire is, that we might build a minster there to the glory of St. Mary, so that those may dwell therein who wish to lead a life of peace and rest. Then the king answered, and said thus: 'Behold, Sexwulf, lo! And I beg of thee, my brother Ethelred, and my sisters Kyneburg and Kyneswith, that ye be witnesses for your souls' redemption, and that ye write it with your fingers. And I beg all those who come after me, be they my sons, be they my brothers, or kings that come after me, that our gift may stand, even as they would be partakers of the life eternal, and would escape everlasting torment.

Whosoever shall take from this our gift, or the gifts of other good men, may the heavenly gateward take from him in the kingdom of heaven; and whosoever will increase it, may the heavenly gateward increase his state in the kingdom of heaven. These are the witnesses who were there, who subscribed it with their fingers on the cross of Christ, and assented to it with their tongues. King Wulfhere was the first who confirmed it by word, and afterwards subscribed it with his fingers on the cross of Christ; and said thus: 'I, king Wulfhere, with the kings, and earls, and dukes, and thanes, the witnesses of my gift, do confirm it before the archbishop Deus-dedit with the cross of Christ.

These, and many others who were there, servants of the king, all assented to it. This writing was written six hundred and sixty-four years after the birth of our Lord, in the seventh year of king Wulfhere; the ninth year of archbishop Deus-dedit. They then laid the curse of God, and the curse of all saints, and of all Christian people upon him who should undo any thing which there was done. When these things were done, the king sent to Rome to Vitalian who then was pope, and desired that he should grant by his rescript, and with his blessing, all the before-mentioned things.

And the pope sent this rescript, thus saying, 'I, pope Vitalian, concede to thee king Wulf here, and archbishop Deus-dedit, and abbat Sexwulf, all the things which ye desire, and I forbid that any king or any man have any claim thereon, except the abbat alone; nor let him obey any man except the pope of Rome, and the archbishop of Canterbury. If any one break this in any thing, may St.

Peter exterminate him with his sword: if any one observe it, may St. Peter, with the keys of heaven, undo for him the kingdom of heaven. After that, another archbishop came to Canterbury, who was called Theodore, a very good and a wise man, and he held his synod with his bishops and with the clergy. This synod was held six hundred and seventy-three years after the birth of our Lord. Thither had Penda driven him and deprived him of his kingdom, because he had forsaken his sister. This year Bishop Agilbert departed from Kenwalk, and Wini held the bishopric [25] three years, and Agilbert obtained the bishopric of Paris in France by the Seine.

This year, during Easter, Kenwalk fought at Pontesbury, and Wulfhere, the son of Penda, laid the country waste as far as Ashdown. And Cuthred the son of Cuichelm and king Cenbert [26] died in one year. And Wulfhere the son of Penda laid waste Wight, and gave the people of Wight to Ethelwald king of the South-Saxons, because Wulfhere had been his sponsor at baptism.

And Eappa the mass-priest, by the command of Wilfrid and King Wulfhere, was the first of men who brought baptism to the people of the Isle of Wight. This year the sun was eclipsed on the 5th before the Nones of May; [27] and Earconbert king of the Kentish-men died, and Egbert his son succeeded to the kingdom; and Colman, [28] with his companions, went to his country.

The same year there was a great pestilence in the island of Britain, and bishop [29] Tuda died of the pestilence, and was buried at Wagele. This year king Egbert gave Reculver to Bass the mass-priest, that he might build a minster thereon. This year Oswy king of the North-humbrians died on the 15th before the Kalends of March; [31] and Egfrid his son reigned after him; and Hlothere, [32] the nephew of bishop Agilbert, obtained the bishopric over the West-Saxons, and held it seven years.

Bishop Theodore consecrated him. This year Egbert, king of the Kentish-men died; and the same year there was a Synod at Hertford, and Saint Etheldrida began the minster at Ely. This year Wulfhere, the son of Penda, and Escwin, the son of Cenfus, fought at Beadan-head; and the same year Wulfhere died, and Ethelred succeeded to the kingdom.

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Now in his time he sent bishop Wilfrid to Rome to the pope that then was, he was called Agatho, and showed him by letter and by message how his brothers Peada and Wulfhere, and Sexwulf the abbat, had built a minster, which was called Medeshamstede, and that they had freed it against king and against bishop of all services; and he besought him that he would assent to it with his rescript and with his blessing.

And then the pope sent his rescript to England, thus saying:. I have heard the desire of king Ethelred, and of archbishop Theodore, and of bishop Sexwulf, and of abbat Cuthbald; and it is my will that it be in all wise even as you have spoken. And I ordain, on behalf of God and St.

Peter, and of all saints, and of every person in orders, that neither king, nor bishop, nor earl, nor any man have any claim, nor any tribute, geld, or military service; neither let any man exact any kind of service from the abbacy of Medeshamstede. I also ordain that the shire-bishop be not so bold that he perform any ordination or consecration within the abbacy unless the abbat beseech it of him, nor have any claim there for proxies, or synodals, or for any kind of thing.

And it is my will that the abbat be holden as legate of Rome over all the island, and that whatsoever abbat shall be there chosen by the monks, he be consecrated by the archbishop of Canterbury. I will and concede that whatever man shall have made a vow to go to Rome, which he may be unable to fulfil, either from sickness or his Lord's need of him , or from poverty, or be unable to come there from any other kind of need, be he of England, or of whatever other island he be, let him come to the minster at Medeshamstede, and have the same forgiveness of Christ and St.

Peter, and of the abbat and of the monks, that he should have if he went to Rome. Now I beseech thee, brother Theodore, that thou cause to be commanded throughout all England, that a synod be gathered, and this decree, be read and observed. In like manner I command thee bishop Sexwulf, that even as thou didst desire that the minster be free, so I forbid thee and ah the bishops that shall come after thee, from Christ and all his saints, that ye have any claim upon the minster, except so far as the abbat shall be willing.

Now will I say in a word, that whoso observeth this rescript and this decree, let him be ever dwelling with God Almighty in the kingdom of heaven; and whoso breaketh through it, let him be excommunicated, and thrust down with Judas and with all the devils in hell unless he turn to repentance. This was done six hundred and eighty years after the birth of our Lord, and in the sixth year of king Ethelred. The king then commanded the archbishop Theodore that he should appoint a meeting of all the witan at the place which is called Heathfield.

Then said the king: "All those things which my brother Peada, and my brother Wulfhere, and my sisters Kyneburg and Kyneswith, gave and granted to St. Peter and the abbat, it is my will shall stand; and I will in my day increase it for the good of their souls and of my own. Now to-day I give St. These lands I give St. Peter all as freely as I myself possessed them, and so that none of my successors take anything therefrom. If any one shall do so, let him have the curse of the pope of Rome, and the curse of all bishops, and of all those who are here witnesses, and this I confirm with Christ's token.

And Etheled, king of the Mercians, laid waste Kent. This year the star called a comet appeared in August, and shone like a sunbeam every morning for three months; and bishop Wilfrid was driven from his bishopric by King Egfrid; and two bishops were consecrated in his stead; Bosa to Deira. And Eadhed was consecrated bishop over the men of Lindsey; he was the first of the bishops of Lindsey.

And Coldingham was burned by fire from heaven. This year archbishop Theodore appointed a synod at Heathfield, because he wished to set forth aright the Christian faith. And the same year Hilda, abbess of Whitby, died. This year Tumbert was consecrated bishop of Hexham, and Trumwine of the Picts, [35] for at that time they were subject to this country. Here in this year Egfrid sent an army against the Scots, and Beort his ealdorman with it, and miserably they plundered and burned the churches of God.

This year king Egfrid commanded that Cuthbert should be consecrated a bishop; and on the first day of Easter, at York, archbishop Theodore consecrated him bishop of Hexham; because Tumbert had been deposed from his bishopric. And the same year, on the 13th before the Kalends of June, king Egfrid was slain near the North-sea, and a great army with him.

And Lothere, king of the Kentishmen, died the same year. And John was consecrated bishop of Hexham, and he was there until Wilfrid returned. Afterwards John succeeded to the bishopric of York, for bishop Bosa was dead. Then, after that, Wilfrid [36] his priest was consecrated bishop of York, and John retired to his minster at Derewood. And in this same year Cuthbert was consecrated bishop of Hexham by archbishop Theodore at York, because bishop Tumbert had been driven from the bishopric. Peter's minster at Medeshamstede, Hook, which is in an island called Egborough; the then abbat of the monastery was called Egbald.

He was the third abbat after Sexwulf. At that time Theodore was archbishop in Kent. Peter's church. And Ina succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons after him, and he reigned twenty-seven years. Before this the bishops had been Romans, but from this time they were English. This year Berthwald was chosen archbishop on the Kalends of July; he was before that abbat of Reculver. There were then two kings in Kent, Withred and Webherd [Suebhard]. This year Berthwald was consecrated archbishop by Guodun, bishop of the Gauls, on the 5th before the Nones of July. This year the Kentish-men compounded with Ina, and gave him thirty thousand pounds [40] for his friendship, because they had formerly burned Mul.

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And Withred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish-men, and held it thirty-three years. As soon as he was king, he commanded a great council to be assembled at the place which is called Baccancelde [41] in which sat Withred, king of the Kentish-men, and Berthwald, the archbishop of Canterbury, and Tobias, bishop of Rochester, and with them were assembled abbats and abbesses, and many wise men, all to consult about the bettering of God's churches in Kent.

For I, Withred, an earthly king, instigated by the King of heaven, and burning with the zeal of righteousness, have learned from the institutes of our forefathers, that no layman has a right to possess himself of a church, nor of any of the things which belong to a church. And hence strictly and faithfully do we appoint and decree, and in the name of the Almighty God and of all his saints we forbid to all kings our successors, and to ealdormen, and all laymen any lordship whatever over the churches, and over all their possessions, which I, or my elders of olden days, have given as an everlasting inheritance to the glory of Christ and of our lady St.

Mary, and of the holy apostles. And observe, when it shall happen that a bishop, or an abbat, or an abbess, shall depart this life, let it be made known to the archbishop, and by his counsel and advice, let such an one be chosen as shall be worthy. And let the archbishop inquire into the life and purity of him who is chosen to such a duty, and in nowise let any one be chosen to such a duty without the counsel of the archbishop. It is the duty of kings to appoint earls and ealdormen, shire-reeves and doomsmen, and of the archbishop to instruct and advise the community of God, and bishops, and abbats, and abbesses, priests and deacons, to choose and appoint, and consecrate and stablish them by good precepts and example, lest any of God's flock stray and be lost.

This year Ethelred the son of Penda, king of the Mercians, became a monk, and he had held the kingdom twenty-nine years; then Kenred succeeded to it. This year bishop Aldhelm died, he was bishop [43] on the west of Selwood; and in the early days of Daniel the land of the West-Saxons was divided into two bishop-shires, and before that it had been one; the one [44] Daniel held, the other [45] Aldhelm. After Aldhelm, Forthhere succeeded to it.

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And king Ceolred succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians; and Kenred went to Rome, and Offa with him. And Kenred was there till the end of his life. And the same year bishop Wilfrid [46] died at Oundle, and his body was carried to Ripon; he was bishop forty-five years; him king Egfrid had formerly driven away to Rome. This year Acca, Wilfrid's priest, succeeded to the bishopric [47] which before he had held; and the same year Bertfrid the ealdorman fought against the Picts between Heugh and Carau. And Ina and Nun his kinsman fought against Gerent king of the Welsh; and the same year Higbald was slain.

This year Osred king of the North-humbrians was slain on the southern border; he had the kingdom seven years after Alfrid; then Kenred succeeded to the kingdom, and held it two years, then Osric, who held it eleven years; and the same year Ceolred king of the Mercians died, and his body lies at Lichfield, and Ethelred's the son of Penda at Bardney. Then Ethelbald succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, and held it forty-one years. This year Ingild the brother of Ina died, and their sisters were Cwenburga and Cuthburga.

And this year the holy bishop John [50] died; he was bishop thirty-three years, eight months, and thirteen days; and his body rests at Beverley. This year queen Ethelburga razed Taunton, which Ina had previously built; and Ealdbert the exile departed into Surry and Sussex, and Ina fought against the South-Saxons. This year Withred king of the Kentish-men died on the ninth before the Kalends of May; he reigned thirty-four years; his genealogy is above: and Egbert succeeded to the kingdom of Kent; and Ina fought against the South-Saxons, and there slew Ealdbert the etheling, whom he before had driven into exile.

This year Tobias bishop of Rochester died, and in his place archbishop Berthwald consecrated Aldwulf bishop. Scared to face punishment, Emmeline and Dar run away. With the noble's guards on her trail, Emmeline's only hope of clearing her name is to escape capture and perform the ritual that will set Dar free.

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