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He has written widely on the history of stage technologies. The enlarged 2nd edition of this book brings analysis up to date and considers recent transformations within scenographic performance and practice. He has a particular interest in the use of digital technologies in contemporary theatre and performance practices.

In Florence in May , the wedding to end all weddings took place between Christine of Lorraine and Ferdinando di Medici.

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It was an event circumscribed by politics, economics and social power. It required the building and equipping of a theatre, the construction of complex machinery and costumes for hundreds of singers, musicians and actors.

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The resulting architecture, performance practices and technologies became commodified and dominated western theatre for the next three centuries. Today, digital technologies enable theatre and opera to be commodified as international cultural assets of similarly important political significance.

He writes on performance, popular music, media, and visual art. Most recently published books are Performing Glam Rock: Gender and Theatricality in Popular Music , also for the University of Michigan Press, and a second, updated and expanded edition of Liveness published by Routledge in Abstract: Although mediatization is a permanent condition of modern societies the particular forms it takes on are historically contingent. The processes of mediatization derive from the workings of the culturally dominant media forms of a particular time.

Today, the televisual has clearly yielded sway to the digital in all its forms. In seeking to understand the implications of this transition for performers navigating this new cultural terrain I focus on two currently successful pop music artists, Nikki Minaj and Lady Gaga, who both create multiple personae that morph with astounding velocity. Gaga, in particular, takes this strategy so far that she seems to have no stable performance persona or brand image at all.

Her constantly changing appearance and image suggests instead the urgency and frequency with which we must adjust our self-presentations to the multiple platforms on which we continuously perform them. Marlis Schweitzer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre at York University where she teaches courses on performance and commodity culture, theatre research methodologies, and nineteenth-century popular entertainment.

Her current SSHRC-funded research asks how the movement of child performers along global theatrical circuits affirmed Anglo-American cultural values, served imperial interests, and provoked debate about colonial as well as national identity in the mid-nineteenth century. Abstract: Snuff boxes, figurines, fans, medals, paper dolls, cups, sketches, tables, eggs, and ink pots. What do these seemingly disparate objects suggest about the production and consumption of child celebrity in the nineteenth century? What do they reveal about audience-performer relations and the immaterial labour undertaken by child performers in service to national or imperial agendas?

How might theatre historians use these objects to re dis cover lost, overlooked, or forgotten performance repertoires? Stratton Tom Thumb through the objects that bear their image and circulated alongside them as they traveled from city to city and from one side of the ocean to the other. In some ways these seem to echo the separatist movement that is most known to Canadians, that in Quebec. But it is worth asking what these movements really share, and how they differ. How is the Quebec sovereigntist movement facing globalisation?

Bud Davidge took to the stage on Aug.

A resident of the neighbouring Fortune Bay community of English Harbour West, the Newfoundland and Labrador musical icon knew he had to be there. Davidge never fails to draw a crowd to the dance floor and this night was no different.

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Jacques-Coomb's Cove Mayor Cyril Brown, who hit the stage multiple times both as a performer and to introduce the other musicians. For a four to five-year period I was a regular at the festival but I hadn't been there for some time for one reason or another. I've always marvelled at the civic pride on display. There is a love for the region that exists in every song and every yarn told over the three days. When it was conceived, organizers thought it would roam every year across parts of Fortune Bay as a way to promote the talent of the region while establishing an arts community — music, theatre, visual arts, erc — along the coast.

The first time it occurred was in Milltown, followed by Hermitage. In , it was scheduled to hit Harbour Breton, but the town showed no interest in hosting. That year it fell to St. It looks different now than it did in years past. He came over for a session in mid-January. The trainer decided not to push it and left. This is as close as McKay is likely to come to expressing good will toward the 46th vice president. In previous features, McKay staged the murder of a man by an airborne trident; filmed a prosthetic scrotum in close-up bobbing atop a snare drum; and enlisted Margot Robbie to explain subprime mortgages from a bubble bath.

The world has gotten so cartoonishly exaggerated and over the top. Why be subtle anymore? They own a five-bedroom, cedar-shingled home outfitted with solar panels and shielded from the street by hedges some 12 feet tall. He drives a Tesla, which was charging out front. McKay stands at a towering 6-foot-5 and sometimes seems to have more body than he knows what to do with.

In his home office, he arranged himself across a beige couch like a coat hurled off in a hurry: torso horizontal, head kinked up against a pillow, legs crossed off the front. The room was trimmed in dark wood. Cheney is one of the most brilliant bureaucratic infighters in history, but he knew how to do all this stuff so that you barely knew it was happening.

McKay has dedicated his recent work to illuminating just such self-obscuring systems of power, the kind that depend on opacity to function. Subprime loans. Does it make you feel bored?

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Or stupid? Wall Street loves to use confusing terms to make you think only they can do what they do. Or, even better, for you just to leave them the [expletive] alone. His career in national politics began in the Nixon administration as a congressional intern and then apprentice to Donald Rumsfeld and, from there, intersected and coincided with the rise of key conservative figures: among them the Fox News founder, Roger Ailes, who first floated the idea for a conservative news network while working for Nixon; right-wing megadonors like the Koch brothers; conservative strategy shops like the Heritage Foundation; and, finally, George W.

Bush, over whose administration — and over whose decision to invade Iraq after Sept. Or take Sept. The official White House version was that Bush gave Cheney permission to pass along this order, and Gellman, poring carefully through communications records and notes taken by administration staff members, leaves open the extremely slim possibility that this is true.


We see Cheney give the order to take out the planes himself. He hired a fly fisherman as a consultant. Meticulous detail and tremendous patience. Very laid back. I could never quite imagine what it must be like to wake up every morning knowing the power within your hands, where your choices affect whether people will die. I obsessed over it for months.