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Morgan also delivered surprisingly strong profits for the three-month period just ended, with earnings-per-share that handily topped analysts' estimates. As the Wall Street Journal wrote in a follow-up report, the nation's largest bank was the third big financial institution "to surprise Wall Street with solid results despite the recession.

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Naturally, some might wonder whether all the good news coming from the banking sector lately is merely an unintended consequence of efforts to get liquidity flowing through the economy again. On the other hand, more jaded types might draw attention to the incestuous and longstanding relationship that the moneyed interests have had with those who are making and implementing policy -- and doling out taxpayer funds like candy to the firms that helped get us here.

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Unintended Consequences

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Intended consequences, anyone? Coincidentally, I was sent to Design up Conference , which was held in Bangalore by my company then, Kerala Startup Mission where I heard Alysha Naples talking about unintended consequences and that helped me to broaden my understanding. When the journey team designed the game, they never thought about the ability of the game to give an emotional connection to the player in an aforementioned manner.

While the experience from the journey was benevolent and touchy, there can be some instances in which users might go to the dark side to satisfy their evil intentions.

Unintended consequences in design

One among those was reported by a female player who was playing QuiVr in She was playing the game with 5 unknown teammates and at some point, she has to yell through the voice channel. As soon as her teammates heard her voice, they realized that their teammate is a woman. They started chasing her and groping her avatar. Even though the woman was safe in the coziness of her room, this incident made her feel that she was being violated.

Along with this, I need to mention that, QuiVr replied to the article with an update which helps players to create a force field around them which will avoid other players from the vicinity. Unintended consequences were in existence since the day mankind started innovation. Did you think that Karl Benz wanted the world to be filled with cars which spit tons of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases and in turn cause damage to earth?

Its one of the most common hacking method in which the hacker injects code which could destroy the entire database via an input field, which is used to accept inputs from the users. Most of the web companies are taking precautions to prevent these type of attacks in the current era. Talking about unintended consequences, one of my friend who was learning from a popular MOOC platform received a message from another user in who reviewed her project as a part of their peer-to-peer assessment praising her physical beauty and seeking her private number.

From knives to the most sophisticated tech. If not designed properly, all of them have the ability to cause something which was never intended during its production stage.

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Well, Most of them. I know, I wanted to say all of them. I believe that Designers can prevent unintended consequences by considering the following steps: 1. Asking the right questions 2.

Intended Consequences?

What is really being said 3. Wearing the black hat 4. Observing the usage of the product. When we are designing something, we need to ask ourselves questions like, why are we designing these? What are the elements are we going to have in these?

Is unintended consequences only affecting games?

This is something designers often get into. This is the moment we need to differentiate the form and the essence.

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The form might differ, but the essence always remains the same. If users replied affirmatively to a question towards having a text message feature in the latest VR app. It might mean that they want something in the app using which they can easily communicate with the people whom they care about.