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Come and learn how to keep the ones you love most, prepped, safe and sound, with our FUN morning teas! We will search for bushfood, learn about our environment and make tons of cool stuff. Contact us to find out when our next catch up is. This intro level half day course will set you up with the basics. Join us at our Doomsday Prep course with an additional level of safety.

Back to Basics: How to Start Prepping Before the SHTF

We split them up because they are distinctly different uses. Also, splitting them helps prevent double dipping, and reduces the chance gear is scattered and unprepared.

Water — see our full review on the best two week emergency water storage containers. The rule of thumb for water is 1 gallon per person per day.

Keep extras on hand

Thankfully, this is pretty easy to do. Five gallons of water takes up about 1 cubic foot 12x12x12 inches. You can easily store 15 gallons of water on the floor of a normal single-door closet. Top Picks Best for most people: Reliance Rhino 5. Toughest container in the middle tier price class. Somewhat stackable for short term storage.

Prepper Your Survival Guide to Getting Started

Comes with everything you need. Survived our drop and crush tests. Built tough. Military tested features. Very large fill hole, secondary spout hole, screw top airflow vent. Nice spigot accessories. Check out our full review of the best emergency water storage containers and tips on how to store water. We recommend that you have the two weeks of water ready, sitting in containers. Food — we spent over hours testing the best survival food kits.

Survival food can be split into three groups: ready-to-eat items like a granola bar or emergency calorie ration, self-cooking kits like military MREs, or food that needs to be cooked in boiling water. A basic and popular option is the propane powered camping stove. One standard ounce bottle will last for about two days of cooking. If you use them with the indoor heater listed below; plan on one bottle per day. Fire: You want to have multiple ways to make fire. And make sure you have candles, like this pack of six hour emergency candles.

We like this pack of six Mylatech XL blankets. For a great bonus option, we love this indoor heater that uses the same small propane tanks as the camping stoves.

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  7. Set a Budget.

Medical and survival experts with almost years of combined experience put together these great checklists for your bug out bag first aid kit and your home medical supplies. Poor reception, awful durability, bloated with unneeded features, etc. Sewing kits and multi-tools are surprisingly useful. Zip ties, duct tape, and safety pins are very helpful. If you have potentially dangerous things like a gas line or old water heater, make sure you have the right wrenches on hand to turn them off if needed.

Self defense. Depending on your personal views, you should have something at least as effective as pepper spray and a cheaper karambit style knife. Ideally, you would also have a firearm appropriate for home defense. Also consider special needs for pregnant women, small children, pets, people with disabilities or significant medical issues, etc.

If you have poor eyesight, always have a pair of backup glasses and contacts in your emergency supplies. It contains a wide range of the basics you need to survive for at least a few days and ideally much longer. Some in the prepping community make things more complicated than they should be. Ignore all of that noise. Things must be simple and easy. Part of the value is having the peace of mind from knowing that if you needed to leave and survive right now, you could. You can have more than one bag. But think of them as a cascading priority order, not different bags for different scenarios.

The best system for most people is to have one bag that is your top-priority bag. But think of them in a descending priority order — not different bags for different scenarios.

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  • Step 1: Get your home ready for two weeks of self-reliance.
  • The Prepper's Guide to Survival;
  • If a situation happens where you need to bug out, you can decide in real time how many bags to take. Maybe you stop after 1 or after 3. You have a little bit of time to think calmly, load up your car, and drive away. Maybe the roads are a mess and you have to abandon your car.

    Prepping 101 – A Step By Step Plan for How to Get Started Prepping – pt.1

    So you grab your 1 bag first. If someone else is with you, give them your 2 bag. And so on. Ninety percent of the time they are garbage. Check out the starter article on the best bug out bag backpack. We see a lot of mistakes when it comes to bag choice. We recommend liter bags for most people, which is about the size of the largest airplane carry-ons.

    Set a Budget

    See our review of over 70 of the top portable survival water filters for bug out bags. You can survive three weeks without food — but only three days without water. Then this forum is for you!

    PREPPING 101 - THE PREPPER SHOW YOU'VE NEVER SEEN ( but should have )

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    General Prepping Information

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