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Would you like to discover what makes them tick and how they have each made millions of dollars? Join author Dale Beaumont and allow him to introduce you to the people that will help you to achieve life, career, business and financial success. Having started his first business at the age of 19, Dale went onto build three different million dollar companies before the age of thirty.

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One of these companies saw Dale write and publish 16 best-selling books, which have collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies. This was followed by the launch of Business Blueprint, an education company designed to help fellow entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

Ten years on Dale has personally trained over 50, people and produced over 1, business training videos. According to a survey, approximately 93 percent of all companies who used inbound marketing experienced an increase in traffic and lead generation.

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Although this is a great way to generate leads for your business, it can still be less effective when your strategies are not up to date. This is because this type of marketing trends to shift almost as fast as SE0 tactics do. This makes it even harder for marketers to always stay on top of their game.

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So how can you keep up with the ever-changing and fast-growing digital marketing world? Inbound marketing refers to an approach that is purely focused on attracting customers using content and all the other interactions that are relevant. This means that your main focus is in developing your blog, social media platforms, and SE0 presence in order to bring visitors to your content rather than using outbound methods like advertising.

The 4 steps involved in inbound marketing include,. Attract — In the methodology, the first stage is striving to attract visitors to your content. This stage focuses mainly on driving relevant traffic that is likely to develop into a potential customer using SEO. Convert — The second stage is converting those website visitors into leads through gathering content information.

This involves using tip sheets, white papers, and e-books in exchange for emails. Close — The third stage in inbound marketing is called Close and mainly focuses on turning the leads from your most relevant traffic into final customers. Things like emails, marketing automation, and closed-loop reporting are used in closing deals and bringing in even more customers.

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It mainly focuses on creating a better relationship with your current customers using surveys, social media, and nurturing emails. It is the key We all known that blogging is the best way of bringing in new organic traffic. This means that if you are not blogging constantly, you are definitely missing out on some possible huge increases in return on investment.

When you guest post on a top rated blog, you expose yourself to another audience which you can take back to your very own website.

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Without a good search engine optimization strategy, even advanced content might never be found organically. While there are quite a number of factors that influence SEO, it all starts with a well-defined keyword research strategy that hones in on the possible words and phrases that your target audience is likely to search. As a business grows, it becomes very hard keeping eyes on leads, messaging, and nurturing prospects.

Thanks to marketing automation tools, overworked marketers can now have a single system that greatly improves their marketing efforts. Thanks to marketing automation tools, you can go ahead and plan out everything you need ahead of time which will, in turn, give you enough time to work on more advanced marketing strategies.

Sharing your content across social media is one of the best ways of promoting your brand.

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The key to having a successful social media strategy is repurposing your content across several social media platforms. This is because you will find that your leads that are on Facebook or Twitter may probably be not on YouTube or Instagram. While repurposing your content across multiple platforms was rather expensive and time-consuming in the past, nowadays it is very easy to do so. Traditional Websites designs required lots of during the planning and launching of the website only for it to become obsolete just after a few years.